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SIRONA Product Launch

June 1, 2014
by Melissa Summerfield - Oral Health


Oral Health was thrilled to be invited to Bensheim, Germany as Sirona Dental Systems unveiled their latest product offering, a new treatment centre called INTEGO.


At this exciting event, attended by 18 other journalists from around the globe, as well as 400 dealers and the Sirona Executive Management Team, we were treated to the introduction of INTEGO, a treatment centre designed to offer dentists top quality and flexible configuration options.

The event was well planned and executed with attention to every detail, including a dramatic presentation and a fun party hosted by Sirona at the Gibson Club in Frankfurt. A comprehensive plant tour followed the next day for all the press, demonstrating Sirona’s commitment to innovation, design, quality control and dedication to excellence.

As the lone Canadian representative, Oral Health was proud to be present as Sirona welcomed INTEGO to their family of treatment centres, another example of their continuing drive for innovation and market leadership.

As the global innovation and technology leader in the dental industry, Sirona has developed a new product generation for the treatment centre division. This new product line can be very flexibly configured to suit the needs of various practitioners.

“Dentists should not have to forego outstanding quality, innovative features and modern design depending on how much they can afford to invest in a new centre”, explained Michael Geil, Vice-President Treatment Centres at Sirona and Managing Director of the Bensheim site in Germany. “INTEGO is a future-proof, high-quality German product which satisfies these demands.”

The new treatment centre comes in two versions: INTEGO and INTEGO pro with extended functionality. Each model can be supplied as a hanging hoses model (TS) or with whip arms (CS) in a wide range of shades. Both versions are based on a chair concept, which takes the four dimensions of ergonomics into account – intuitive sitting, comfortable positioning, optimum visibility and integrated workflows – and thus ensures that practitioners achieve ideal results. The individual functions, the instruments and all the settings can be simply selected and controlled via an intuitive user interface.


INTEGO pro offers enhanced functionality. Some features, such as the four-way foot switch and the automatic disinfection device, are even included in the basic INTEGO pro model. Furthermore, INTEGO pro offers more optional functions. For example, the customer can choose features such as the ApexLocator.

INTEGO is an ideal addition to Sirona’s treatment centre product family and fills the gap between C8+ and SINIUS. With INTEGO TS and CS versions, the dentist element can be positioned above the patient. In contrast, TENEO and SINIUS feature a sliding track, which positions the dentist element either automatically or manually. The treatment centres represent high-quality and proven solutions at an attractive price. As with all other Sirona centres, the INTEGO is also produced in Bensheim, Germany, where it is put through its paces. The long-lasting design, use of high-quality, robust materials, product quality “made in Germany” and a focus on ergonomic operating procedures and patient comfort make this a treatment centre, which is not only future-proof, but also facilitates the everyday working lives of dentists and assistants.

(Canadian dentists are advised to check with Sirona or their authorized dealers as to when INTEGO will be available here). More detailed information on the functions and specifications of this treatment center can be found at www.sirona.com/INTEGOOH


INTEGO was a carefully guarded secret until today. Only a few experts have seen the new treatment center from Sirona. Dr. Çagdas Kislaoglu from Istanbul was one of them. He reports on the functions and benefits of this treatment center.

The top level of dentistry is reached when the combination of dental expertise, manual perfection, and advanced technology is achieved. Young dentists in particular are fascinated by digital technology and enjoy the easy, intuitive operation of innovative systems. But setting up a practice and equipping it with modern instruments is expensive, so they look for a good price/performance ratio. INTEGO has many innovative functions and top quality at a good price. This convinces me that INTEGO will be successful in Turkey and in many other regions across the world.

The treatment center is at the heart of the dental practice – both in spatial terms and with respect to the dentist’s work. With its appealing, high-quality design as well as the clear-cut shapes, the ergonomic design of INTEGO reconciles both areas – esthetics and functionality – and combines key ergonomic elements. It is important for me that I have good access to the patient and optimum visibility of the oral cavity during treatment. Thanks to the flexible height adjustment, the comfortable backrest upholstery, and flexible headrest, the patient can be positioned well on INTEGO for treatment. The dentist and assistant el
ements can be positioned so that reach distances allow efficient, relaxed work in different positions. The intuitive user interface and integrated tabletop device functions allow for efficient workflows.

German products have an excellent reputation in Turkey and stand for quality. Sirona is famous for its innovative products that are continuously developed and improved.

INTEGO’s striking water unit has a promising hygiene concept. It is designed to comply with all hygiene regulations. It is very easy to use, with features like its practical suction hose cleaning. This is important, because hygiene is increasingly important in dentistry and is part of the daily practice routine. Hygiene is relevant not only for the dentist, but also gives patients a reassuring feeling of safety. I find it good that the materials and shape of the treatment centermake it easy to clean the surfaces.

I was therefore impressed with the easy-to-operate user interface of the INTEGO dentist element. The symbols are easy to recognize and understand. The menu structure is simple. This leaves the dentist free to concentrate fully on the treatment. OH

Dr. Çagdas Kislaoglu is a dentist who has had his own practice in Istanbul since 2000. After finishing school in other countries including England and the USA, he studied dentistry at Marmara University in Istanbul. He is president of the Istek Alumni Association, founder of Eurocircle Turkey and a member of the ACP (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry).

Sirona – The Dental Company

Sirona, the dental technology leader, has served dealers and dentists worldwide for more than 130 years. Sirona develops, manufactures, and markets a complete line of dental products, including CAD/CAM restoration systems (CEREC), digital intra-oral, panoramic and 3D imaging systems, dental treatment centres, and handpieces.

Sirona has been constantly at the forefront of technological progress since the invention of the first electric dental drill (1887) and continues to set new standards in dental treatments. Following the first electric dental drill, important inventions included the world’s first x-ray sphere (1934), the first CAD/CAM restoration system for dental practices (1985, CEREC) and the first digital panorama x-ray unit (1995; ORTHOPHOS Plus DS). Some significant innovations of the past few years are, amongst others, the hybrid x-ray system ORTHOPHOS XG 3D (2010), the treatment center SINIUS (2011), the sintering furnace inFire HTC speed (2011) the CEREC Omnicam (2012), the caries control system SIROInspect (2012) and the digital impressioning system APOLLO DI (2013).

Sirona employs a workforce of 3,200 at 28 locations worldwide and markets its products in over 135 countries on all continents.