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So How Have You Been?

May 12, 2020
by Catherine Wilson, Guest Editorial

<p>Catherine Wilson</p>Catherine Wilson was a British serial killer who was hanged for one murder, but was generally thought at the time to have committed six others. She worked as a nurse and poisoned her victims after encouraging them to leave her money in their wills. She was described privately by the sentencing judge as “the greatest criminal that ever lived.”

Not quite the way I wanted to open my first editorial in more than two years but hey, things aren’t exactly business as usual, are they?


I’ve been writing editorials for years, and years, but this one is different. You see, when Melissa Summerfield, Vice-President, publishing reached out to ask if I could briefly help out during a transition leading to the arrival of the new managing editor of the dental group, I jumped at the chance. I spent 19 of the best years of my life with this group.

But just two days after being reintroduced to my old teammates, I was sent home. Well, me and 35 million other people. Come on, I hadn’t even memorized the route to the ladies room. My lanyard was still in its wrapper.

But here we are, in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. The global pandemic, COVID-19, has stricken more than three million people worldwide and claimed approximately 220,000 deaths…

In his guest editorial in the May issue of Oral Health, Dr. Manor Haas writes that this is exactly the time to pick up a little extra knowledge through blogs, webinars, Zoom meetings, etc.

“Turn to colleagues for support or to offer support and make the most of this downtime to improve yourselves.”

While this unimaginable time in our history is the source of indescribable anxiety, Dr. Sally Safa writes in her May Oral Health Viewpoint, about the importance of cutting each other, and ourselves, some slack.

Many feel they are alone, she says, in the level of stress they feel, and don’t know where to turn. Her hope is that if we shift our thinking and give each other a break, doing our best will be just perfect.

And what have I been up to these past two years, you ask?

A year ago I had back surgery and I now have enough metal in me to make a nice place setting…I carry one of those cards you show the friendly people at the airport x-ray department. Of course I have no reason to be at the airport x-ray department but hey, it’s nice to have.

Six months ago I moved from my family home after living there many, many decades. I was sad but now I have a bathroom right inside the front door. It has a big widow. I can wave to my neighbours from a seated position… as I physically distance, of course.

I know you’ll join me in welcoming Amy Bielby as managing editor of the dental group. She brings a wealth of experience to the team and I hope she’ll have as amazing a run with you as I did.
I do miss you and hope with all my heart you will be back full tilt, full time, busier than in memory. For now, I raise a large, disinfecting smoothie to you…cheers!

Please view the entire May 2020 issue of Oral Hygiene here!

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