State-Of-The-Art Geriatric Dental Centre Now Part of Baycrest Campus

 As part of a recent centennial celebration, Baycrest revealed the latest donor-funded renovations and new spaces on campus, created to better serve the aging population. Among these spaces is the new Alpha Omega Dental Centre for Geriatric Care, a dental centre dedicated to the treatment of geriatric patients in the community who have complex medically conditions, physical challenges and cognitive difficulties such as Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

The new centre, led by Dr. David Chvartszaid, is one of just two dental care facilities in the country that meets the needs of the most vulnerable and challenging older adults with physical and cognitive impairments, and will serve as the leading training and education centre in the specialty of geriatric dentistry.

Spearheaded by the Toronto Chapter of the Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity, which raised $1.6 million in support of geriatric dentistry at Baycrest, the new centre is a fully accessible facility with four large, private operatories, two wheelchair lifts, lab and sterilization facilities, and a comprehensive imaging suite, making visits to the dentist more accessible and comfortable for older adults. The new space and equipment will allow for the treatment of close to 1,500 patients each year, drawing patients and residents from Baycrest, and accepting referrals from other long-term care homes, assisted living residences, hospitals and local dentists.

The Alpha Omega Dental Centre for Geriatric Care is also fully affiliated with the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Dentistry, which is training the next generation of health care providers in every discipline to meet the care challenges of an aging population. OH