State of the Art…with heart

Motivated patients enjoy better treatment outcomes. Davis Orthodontics’ Woodbridge, ON, location weds a friendly, family atmosphere to practical technology so patient experience and orthodontic results can be improved.

The floor plan borrows from their Richmond Hill, ON, location, while the design features are new. The concept is a highly functional “downtown loft” with elevated ceilings, exposed interior brick, metallic foundations, and inviting art.

This office is truly paperless. The computer network is fully linked so that the digital patient charts, digital photos, digital radiographs and patient-education software can be accessed from any of the 21 workstations. Patients check themselves in on a touch-screen monitor, indicating to all other terminals that they have arrived.

Other patient-centered elements abound. The heart of the office is a large arcade with a three-walled original mural that creates the illusion of being on a soccer field. There is Internet access and a gourmet coffee bar. The reception area has a ceiling-to-floor water-wall, while its double-sided fireplace also “warms up” the private adult area of the clinic. Every clinic chair has bench seating for parents and ample natural sunlight. The intricate, multi-layered ceiling gives patients something interesting to look at when they are laying back.

Patient response has been overwhelming. They appreciate that the attention to detail in the office design reflects the attention to detail in their treatment.

The team at Davis Ortho is so thankful to the people that made this project a reality:

Contracting: Porteous-Hardcastle Ltd.

Design: Joseph Designs

Dental Consultant: Ken Croney

Original art: Jill Birks of

Photography: Liesa Kortmann