Taking Care of Fluffy’s Canines

New York–Oral care products for pets are expanding their base to include everything from mouthwash and breathstrips to all natural teeth-cleaning sprays and pastes, according to a report by Packaged Facts.

“Given the billions of dollars spent annually on oral care products for people, and the growing tendency of pet owners to seek out human-style products for their pets, this pet health segment can only continue to gain momentum,” reports Market Trends: Oral Care Products for Pets.

The US$33 billion North American pet sector is cashing in on the ‘humanization’ of pets as well as the ‘urbanization’ of pets and their owners.

“Approximately 62 percent of American households have a pet while 50 percent have more than one animal,” reports the National Post. “In fact, there are six million more cats in the United States than there are children under 18 (or about 78 million felines).”