Technology Augmented by AI to Truly Grow Your Practice…Simply

by Lou Shuman, DMD, CAGS, CEO and Founder of Cellerant Consulting

Simplifeye changes the chat game with an AI Speech Engine

I begin with a personal thank you to Jillian Cecchini and Melissa Summerfield to give me an opportunity to talk to you each month.

I have always been passionate about new technology both dental and consumer. On the consumer side, I read up to 17 journals a month to keep up and my home looks like a high-end division of Best Buy as my roots are in audio and video.

On the dental side I created an award process (Cellerant Best of Class Technology Awards) now in its 11th year, to honor dental companies that truly advance the tech space. My panel of experts and I spend all year reviewing all technologies in dentistry. As CEO of Cellerant Consulting Group, my job is to grow tech companies both large and small, be it startups or new tech from established companies. Let me tell you, I get to see it all.

In this column I will share my journey with you. You will get to see what I see, so you get a chance to decide what tech can impact you now, as well as provide you insight of what the future holds. It’s all about improving the quality of life of the patients we are privileged to treat.

So, stay with me. It’s going to be exciting. Let’s begin with……

Simplifeye’s Amplify is a live chat service with a speech AI engine that is a gamechanger
It is a 24 hour live online chat service that uses artificial intelligence to provide the best possible response to a curious would-be client visiting your website. This technology maximizes the chance that visitor becomes a valued patient. The speech AI engine absorbs the tens of thousands of chats that occur with Amplify clients, and while the prospective patient is chatting, the engine tells the Amplify chatter how best to respond, in order to maximize conversion into the practice. If desired an appointment can be made directly into the appointment book as well.

The results are consistent and sometimes dramatic and is effective for both General Dentists and Specialists. Taking even some of the burden of “conversion” off your front desk team would be a win, but the real selling point here is the way this simple feature on your site elevates your practice image as a real solutions provider. As an added bonus, you can customize the kind of information you want to capture from prospective patients, using it to improve the in-office experience. Patient referrals come directly to your inbox, and can be reviewed via a simple dashboard.

Amplify is available in the cloud, allowing you to access information from anywhere. Of course, security is as important as accessibility these days, which is why the service also emphasizes secure communication and HIPAA compliance.

Able to integrate with existing practice management software, customized to your practice needs, easy to access and safe to utilize, Amplify is the kind of technology that takes a science fiction plot point like artificial intelligence and makes it relevant for the real, human-centered needs of your practice. For more Information, you can go to