The Dawn of a New Day

by Dr Les Rykiss, DMD, Dip. ABAD, FASDA, FICD, FIADFE

Doom and Gloom. That is all that we have been consistently living with for the last 2 years. It’s time for all of this to end. We cannot possibly live comfortably with all of this negativity around us. Is life really as bad as it has seemed during this unprecedented time in our lives? Probably not for most of us, but there are many that have experienced personal and business hardships that, unfortunately, they will never be able to recover from. I personally believe that the movement to reopen the country is timely. It’s time for all of us to take what we have learned over the last 2 years in terms of caring for ourselves, our children, and the elderly, and practice that care on our own. The governments can no longer lock up our lives again, and as it has been stated many a time, “we have to learn to live with this virus as it becomes endemic”. Whether you are vaccinated or not is no longer the issue. Healing is.

So lets start this over.

By now most of us Canadians are looking forward to seeing the snow leave (for those of us that live with the white stuff) and for the tulips to rise and signal the beginning of another spring. A new season, one with a lot of hope. We have survived the pandemic so far and have become stronger mentally (and some physically as well). It’s time. Time for us to start making (and keeping) travel plans. Wedding plans. Get togethers with friends and family without considering having to limit numbers in our homes or backyards! I for one, have started to travel again, and now that I have gotten over that fear, I want to travel over and over. Start going to restaurants. Don’t be surprised that you may still be asked for your vaccination status and even possibly donning a mask until you sit down. While the restrictions may be lifting, keep in mind that peoples’ own comfort levels may drive the way they conduct themselves. It’s all part of the learning process. Go back to the movie theatres! You cannot replace movie theatre popcorn, one of the things that I have missed for the last 2 years. We’re going back to sporting events. People are once again getting engaged on the jumbotron! Life is GOOD!

Stop worrying about the things that you cannot change and focus your efforts on the things you can. Give lots of hugs! Human contact is very important, and it is something that I missed the most. Most of all, I want to see people’s faces again. The first thing I always notice on a person is their smile. Well, for the last 2 years I’ve focused on voices and eyes. It’s been different for sure. I look forward to not having to guess who just said “Hey Les” to me or trying to grab something from the conversation to give me a clue who it is I am talking to!

So, let’s get back to doing the things that once came so naturally to us all and gave us happiness. Please proceed with caution, and above all else, please be kind. Have a wonderful spring!

About the Author

Les Rykiss obtained his DMD from the University of Manitoba in 1990. He has his private practice in Winnipeg, MB. He has attained dip. ABAD status, Fellowship Degrees in FIADFE, FASDA, FICD, and an Associate Fellowship in Lasers from the WCLI. He’s a graduate and Mentor at the Nash Institute for Dental Learning. His dental memberships include the MDA, CDA, ASDA, IADFE, and is the Cosmetic Editor for Oral Health.

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