The Dawn of Bioactivity

by Dr. Fay Goldstep

The world is changing rapidly and shows no sign of slowing down. It often feels like we are completely surrounded by gloom and doom – businesses closing, people being laid off, the nature of so many industries losing their focus and their way…

But not so dentistry! In a world that has been turned upside down by Amazon and online shopping, we remain a viable enterprise by providing services that people need and want and that cannot be shipped.

We are living in the golden age of dentistry, providing treatments that were science fiction just a short time ago. This is due to materials and techniques that have been developed by pioneering researchers and brought to market by innovative dental companies. A big round of thanks should go to them!!

A major focus in clinical dental progress has been the creation of bioactive dental materials – materials that interact with living tissues to help in the repair or regeneration of these tissues. Of course, we have utilized bioactive materials in periodontal and implant procedures for some time, but they are now becoming part of mainstream restorative dentistry; these exciting materials make dentistry more proactive and predictable.

Gone are the days where materials were inert placeholders for lost tooth structures. Today they are part of the healing process. We are at the dawn of bioactivity – a new beginning, the emergence of new opportunity, and new potential for treatment.

This issue focuses on new bioactive materials as well as established ones that are seeing new applications – from caries arresting products, to restoratives that remineralize, to products that create hydroxyapatite, and to those that can actually heal damaged pulps. These materials can be used regularly for expanded indications and everyday applications.

We also look at a different view of the “flossing controversy” – turning around the question of whether there are scientifically established benefits to flossing, and examining the array of customizable techniques available for our patients’ interdental cleaning.

And as a finale, we delve into research on promising new methods for diagnosing active as well as latent periodontal disease in a quantifiable and minimally invasive manner.

Shake off the gloom and doom and noise of the world. Break out a beverage of choice. Sit down in a comfortable chair and open up to the new world of dental possibility – the dawn of bioactivity, the dawn of new techniques and new ideas.

We are experiencing the golden age of dentistry and the dawn of an exciting future! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! OH

Dr. Fay Goldstep has lectured nationally and internationally on Proactive/Minimal Intervention Dentistry, Soft-Tissue Lasers, Electronic Caries Detection, Healing Dentistry and Innovations in Hygiene. She has been a contributing author to four textbooks and has published more than 60 articles. She sits on the editorial board of Oral Health. Dentistry Today has listed her as one of the leaders in continuing education since 2002. Dr. Goldstep is a consultant to a number of dental companies, and maintains a private practice in Richmond Hill, Ontario. She can be reached at