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The Importance of Unleashing Creativity

April 1, 2021
by James Yacyshyn

Is creativity important to you? Are you a creative person? If so, in what way? What defines you as creative? What makes you creative or increases your creative potential?

How do you define creativity? Is creativity something that is just inherent to the way you operate, planned and strategic, or organic in that it just happens? Can creativity be planned? Is creativity part of your work environment, or is it something that happens in recreation, or both? Do you actually think about your creative process?


I seem to like starting these editorials with a number of self-reflective questions. I feel if I get you thinking about something, hopefully it sparks an interest in self-development or organizational change.

I love the Albert Einstein quote, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” I find when I am busiest, overloaded, and just grinding out a day, taking care of the routine, I get the most tired. Similarly, I can have a busy day, but if I’ve done something different, something creative, it brings a certain energy with it. I find creativity as a value, important to me. I like change and I like improvement. This is how I define growth.

Growth is important to me, as it’s about personal and process improvement. If I set goals, no matter how big or small, finding a way to meet those, or achieving those, nurtures the improvement and accomplishment I’m looking for. It’s not that I can’t be satisfied with what is, but rather I’m drawn to improvement. How can I make this better? Creativity applied is innovation. Another challenge, another goal – accomplishing these are the things I find fun.

I don’t mind a challenge, especially if it allows me to stretch my creative potential. Telling me something can’t be done seems to fire up the creative process for me. What increases your creative potential?

In literature there are numerous ways highlighted to nurture creativity. If you simply search increasing creativity, you will find a number of links to material that explores this subject. I ran across an article by Larry Kim for INC.com titled “9 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Creativity”, dated November 4, 2015. This article has captured my interest on a number of occasions and got me thinking about creativity and what it means to me. (You can find a link here: www.inc.com/larry-kim/9-ways-to-dramatically-improve-your-creativity.html) Some of the ideas presented include classics like: Learn through collaboration, do something you love, find inspiration from other industries, unplug (or just do nothing), walk, set the right mood, use six thinking hats techniques, ask for advice or feedback, and pick a terrible idea. The article is worth a read if you want a quick review of some of the different ways to explore developing or nurturing your creativity.

I hope this article sparks your interest and some thought in exploring your creative process.

Getting creative and innovative helps us face challenges and change. The more adaptive we are, the easier it is to face the day, no matter what the future throws at us.

About the Author

Dr. James Yacyshyn obtained his Bachelor of Science degree, with honours, from the University of Alberta. He then obtained his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree, with Distinction, from the University of Alberta. Upon graduation, he went on to pursue and complete a Masters in Applied Science Engineering, from the University of Toronto. Dr. Yacyshyn joined the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, as an Assistant Clinical Professor. He was appointed Director of Continuing Dental Education, and had cross appointments to the Alberta Research Council and Faculty of Medicine.

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