The Three C’s in Life: Choice, Chance and Change

by Jillian Cecchini, Oral Health Managing Editor

Have you ever had the urge to do something out of your comfort zone? As vain as this may sound, I embraced that urge this month and made a ‘significant’ change to my appearance – a lifetime spent as a brunette to becoming ‘the new blonde in the office’.

After a few restless nights of weighing the pros and cons, I took the chance.

Change is a broad term that comes in many forms. Because we’ve taken the ‘normal path’, we worry that the new path won’t take us where we want to go. We never know what we’re going to get from change, which can be daunting. The mere thought of altering the norm could ensue a form of panic. We often fear change when pre-existing information fails us. We should allow ourselves to slightly freak out but we also have to consider the upside.

Change brings with it new ideas and opportunities. It can promote new ways of thinking. It can encourage growth and provide the opportunity to refocus our energy. This brings me to announcing the implementation of Oral Health Office into Oral Health.

Well, what does this change mean for you and I?

With a fresh start in 2018, the team at Oral Health has decided to embrace change and help encourage our readers to change the thought process of dentistry as a business. By incorporating Oral Health Office into Oral Health, it is our hope to illustrate the importance of practice management as a key component alongside our clinical content.

Producing Oral Health Office six-times a year, rather than twice a year, gives us the opportunity to provide our readers with important and relevant content in a more familiar and convenient location. We feel, as your trusted resource, that this information is essential in ensuring the success of your practice.

Gone are the days of solely relying on clinical excellence to promote a successful practice. The modern dentist needs to not only be a master clinician but also a business guru. One must always consider all aspects of running a business, including marketing, finance, legal issues and office design, just to name a few.

I jumped in feet first with the decision to change my look, and though on a completely difference spectrum, that is our plan with Oral Health Office. With positive reactions regarding my change, a feeling of success ensued. The team at Oral Health is excited to enjoy the same feeling of success in the coming year.