Westwind Dental

by Westwind Dental

Westwind Dental is situated on the edge of the fast growing family community of Spruce Grove, Alberta. Dr. Steven Aneca and Dr. Adriaan Mik wanted to create a practice that was comfortable yet still maintained an ease of everyday functions for both patients and staff. The layout allows for smaller pockets of open ops in order to support efficiency, while still maintaining the feel of a smaller private clinic in an 8 operatory dental clinic. The clinic has supporting dental related conveniences such as plumbed medical gas and a lab that houses the advanced technological vision for milling and 3D printing.

Westwind Dental office design

Westwind Dental office design

Careful curation of durable finishes like polished concrete floors, custom plaster wall features and quartz countertops were incorporated to create a clinic that is also durable to the everyday wear of a commercial space. It was important to the vision of the clinic to incorporate other sensory comforts to the clinic such as heated floors, 4K fireplaces, adjusted color temperature lighting within support areas, automated window coverings to reduce glare, and zoned heating and ventilation. The clinic also incorporated additional IT cabling in order to allow for future provisions for any technology innovations.

Westwind Dental office design

Westwind Dental office design

The reception desk uniquely incorporates live edge wood slabs to balance the stone and plaster with the warmth of natural wood. The practice has a comfortable kid’s area with games, both digital and tactile, complete with durable laminate wainscoting in order to have the waiting experience be comfortable for patients of all ages. Westwind Dental is a contemporary new dental clinic inspired loosely by the comfort of hospitality.

Interior Designer: Jennifer Buchanan

Interior Design General Contractor: Seagate Contract Management

Dental Equipment Supplier: Henry Schein Edmonton