Dear Readers of Oral Health

Re: Articaine and paresthesia in dental anaesthesia: neurotoxicity or procedural trauma?  (Toma et al., February 2015) It may seem odd for me to write a … more

Introducing the Advanced Light Force(ALF) Appliance

ABSTRACTThe use of a light-force oral mechanism to facilitate orofacial reorganization and optimize oral-motor function. INTRODUCTIONThis orofacial reorganization and optimized oral-motor function also allows for … more

Post Script to “Cranio” Editorial

Since I wrote this editorial, the field of sleep disorders has exploded and included myofunctional therapy as an adjunctive treatment. Many studies are now showing … more

ODA 148th Annual Spring Meeting

The Annual Spring Meeting (ASM) is the Ontario Dental Association’s signature dental conference and trade show. Now in its 148th year, the ASM continues to … more

Dental Anxiety What Are We Missing?

Dental professionals have become highly proficient in providing local anaesthesia. Local anaesthesia reduces pain by blocking sodium channels, however, many patients find the injection process … more

What’s Ethical?

Strictly speaking, “ethics” is a plural noun that is supposed to relate to moral principles. Try as we might to define ethics and to follow … more

Lingual Orthodontics – The Renaissance

The Second ComingAfter 30 years in relative obscurity, lingual orthodontics is finally coming into its own. New technologies have swept through the specialty, bringing changes … more