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June 1, 2015 Feature DentistryOral Surgery

The Big Picture Of Low Back Pain

by Mahmoud Zaerian, DC, CSCS, BA

Low back pain in the dental profession is quite prevalent. I have written oLn the pervasiveness of this, and the development of it, in previous issues of Oral Health. The implications of such a development within the dental professional can

June 1, 2015 Feature DentistryOral Surgery

What the Dalhousie “Thirteen” Can Teach Us About Ethics Education and Leadership in Dentistry

by Karen E. Faith, BSW, MEd, MSc

The circumstances surrounding the recent controversy involving thirteen Dalhousie dental students should serve as an important wake-up call about the importance of comprehensive ethics education, and ensuring that the ideals of professionalism are understood in the early phase of academic

June 1, 2015 Feature DentistryOral Surgery

It’s just vape, man!

by Dr. Bruce Pynn

My son and I were in Las Vegas at the Nascar Sprint race and the Richard Petty Driving Experience this past March. Besides watching Jeff Gordon set the top lap time, driving the Las Vegas Motor Speedway at 190mph, we

June 1, 2015 Feature DentistryOral Surgery

Letters to the Editor: Good Character and the Dalhousie Dental Students

by Oral Health

he article by J. Koziebrocki and D. Litwin (Oral Health, April 2015) discusses why being of good character is a requisite for licencing dentists. The authors suggest that regulatory bodies charged with assessing the good character of the Dalhousie dental

June 1, 2015 Feature DentistryOral Surgery

Drug Shortages

by Kevin McCann, DDS, FRCD(C)

In February of 2012, many Canadians became aware of an issue that had been lying dormant for many years: drug shortages. Sandoz, a division of the Swiss giant pharmaceutical company, Novarits International, and located in Boucherville, QC, was forced to

June 1, 2015 Feature DentistryOral Surgery

A Dental Perspective On Electronic Cigarettes: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

by Richard Holliday, BDS (Hons), MFDS RCSEd, NHIR Academic Clinical Fellow/Specialty Registrar in Restorative Dentistry; Claire Stubbs, BDS, MFDS RCPSGlas, General Professional Trainee

AbstractElectronic cigarettes have seen a rapid rise in usage since their introduction. A vigorous debate is currently underway in healthcare and regulatory circles with regards to how they should be received. Worldwide regulatory bodies have taken a wide range of

June 1, 2015 Feature DentistryOral Surgery

Lesions in the Posterior Oral Cavity and Oropharynx: variations of normal and when to investigate

by Anali Dadgostar, BSc (Hons), MD, FRCS(C) Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

Various mucosal abnormalities can be identified in the posterior oral cavity and oropharynx. It is not uncommon for individuals to identify lesions and bring it to the attention of their dentist. Often, they seek advice as the area causes discomfort,

June 1, 2015 Feature DentistryOral Surgery

Diversion of Opiod Analgesic Drugs: A Potential Problem for Dentistry

by Daniel M. Laskin, DDS, MS; Bruce R. Pynn, MSc, DDS

The diversion of opioid medications used for non-medical purposes is a currently a major public health problem. For example, since 2002, the prevalence of high school seniors in the United States using opioids for non-medical purposes has been 10 percent

June 1, 2015 Feature DentistryOral Surgery

Coronectomy: A review

by Robert A. Green, DDS, MD, MSc, FRCD(C); David J. Wilson, BSc, DDS, MD, FRCD(C); Bruce R. Pynn, MSc, DDS, FRCD(C)

One of the most common procedures in oral surgery is the removal of third molars. Third molars may be erupted, partially impacted and completely impacted. The removal of these teeth is not without risks and complications.22 One of the more