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July 19, 2017 News News

What a Great Nation

by Timothy A. Brown

I just returned from the Grand Prix Formula 1 held in Montreal this past weekend. It was a fabulous event and one of the best highlights occurred when the crowd got to watch the talented, 18-year-old Canadian driver, Lance Stroll

June 30, 2017 Feature Oral HealthProduct Report

Oral Health Looks Back at 150 Years of History

by Oral Health

Scroll through the dates, starting in 1867, to see the innovations and events that have led Canada and dentistry to where we are in 2017.Advertisement

June 30, 2017 Feature Oral HealthProduct Report

Oral Health Recognizes Significant Corporate Milestones

by Oral Health

Colgate-Palmolive William Colgate opened his small soap and candle business in 1806, one of the first establishments along Dutch Street in lower Manhattan. By 1873 the company had turned its attention to oral care and commercially produced the first nice

June 30, 2017 Feature Oral HealthProduct Report

Oral Health Board Reflects on 150 Years

by Oral Health

Jordan Soll, BSc (Hon), DDS, Dip. ABAD As Canada celebrates it’s 150th year and reflecting back on the changes and developments in dentistry, I believe two of the greatest advancements in our profession are: 1) Total Etch–Total Bonding 2) DigitizationAdvertisement

June 30, 2017 Feature Oral HealthProduct Report

Editorial: 150 and Growing Strong!

by Dr. George Freedman

On July 1, we celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial birthday. Our nation, strong, free, and peaceful, is respected and admired throughout the world. Canada has made tremendous strides over the past 150 years, and the dental profession has kept pace.Advertisement In 1867,

May 30, 2017 News NewsOral Health

Join Oral Health in Celebrating Canada150 in July

by Oral Health Group

Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday this July and we couldn’t pass up the chance to join in the celebrations. As a Canadian publication serving the dental industry, we are dedicating part of our July issue to feature exclusive Canada150