PDC 2023 Overview

Here’s what you missed at PDC 2023! It held 100+ in-person open sessions and hands-on courses as well as an exhibit hall showcasing more than … more

Don’t Be Afraid to Keep Learning

When conducting our research for Data Driven Dentistry, we found 72% of patients would choose their own dentist to perform a specialized procedure over a … more

ce courses

Why CE Goes Beyond Professional Obligation

As dental hygienists across Canada, we are united and bonded by one major, collective fear: The Continuing Competence, Quality Assurance auditing process. The mere mention … more

Why CE Could Be The Death Of Dental Meetings

The game is changing for live dental meetings. Most companies look for podium time, which helps drive traffic to the exhibit floor, and won’t attend … more


How You Can Simplify Your CE Journey

When it come to CE certification you’re in good company if one of the following sounds familiar. “Oh no, I suddenly realized I have just … more

Implant Therapy

Commoditization of Education

I was perusing the exhibit floor at a major meeting I usually attend yearly and stopped by a booth prompted by an advertisement that caught my … more