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September 2, 2021 Feature Oral Health OfficePractice management

Money Talk: The Benefits of Health Spending Accounts

by John Moakler, BMath, CFP, CLU, CSC; Rick Goldring, B.A., CFP, CLU, CH.F.C.

A dentist running a Dentistry Professional Corporation (DPC) is like any other small business owner who is challenged with how to pay for drug, dental and extended healthcare costs. If you do not have access to a group plan through

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December 21, 2020 Feature Oral Health OfficePractice management

Dental Practice $ales: Get the Most When You $ell

by Michael Carabash, BA, LLB, JD, MBA, CDPM

For the last few years, it’s been a seller’s market when it comes to dental practice sales, due to too many buyers, not enough sellers, low interest rates, 100% bank financing and dental service organizations scooping up practices. These conditions

COVID-19: Maximizing Government Benefits
May 1, 2020 Feature FinancesOral Health OfficePractice ManagementPractice Operations

COVID-19: Maximizing Government Benefits

by David Chong Yen*, CPA, CA, CFP, Louise Wong*, CPA, CA, TEP, Basil Nicastri*, CPA, CA and Eugene Chu, CPA, CA

With COVID-19 shutting down many dental practices across the country, the government has introduced new benefits to help businesses weather this storm. Here is an overview of what’s available for dentists and some ways to optimize the benefits for you

March 25, 2020 News News

COVID-19 Benefits – From the Office of DCY

by DCY Chartered Professional Accountants

We would like to update everyone and provide more clarity on the Government’s Covid-19 benefits, based on information available as of 3:00pm, March 24, 2020. The benefits that are available are as follows: Employment Insurance (EI) regular or sickness benefits

July 16, 2019 Video Sponsored Dental Video

Paid Financial Planning, Accounting and Coaching Services from TMFD Financial

by Oral Health

The TMFD Financial team spoke with the Oral Health Group about the financial services they offer to ease the lives of dentists from graduation to retirement. Visit their website for more information and to set up a free consolation.

June 12, 2018 News News

Dental Office Manager Admits to Embezzling $280,000

by Dallas Franklin, Oklahoma's News 4

An Oklahoma woman has pleaded guilty to embezzling more than $280,000 from a dental office. Officials with the United States Department of Justice say Annette M. Straily, of Comanche, pleaded guilty to bank fraud and singing a false federal income

June 4, 2018 Video Sponsored Dental Video

Paid Accounting, Planning & Consulting from TMFD

by Oral Health

Brent Villeneuve, Executive Vice-President and Chief Client Officer with TMFD, explains how his team helps dentists to focus on their clinical practice, without worrying about the financial aspect of running a business.

May 14, 2018 News News

Dentistry Meets Cryptocurrency with Dentacoin

by Kate Harrison, Forbes

According to the American Dental Association, the average American pays $544 in out-of-pocket expenses annually for dental care. It turns out that the vast majority of dental expenses (90%) can be avoided with tri-annual checkups, regular cleanings and improved diet. However, 80% of the world’s

March 14, 2017 Video FinancesPractice Operations

3 Factors to Consider When Buying a Practice

by Oral Health

Account Manager, Eugene Chu, talking about buying a dental practice in this week’s Best Practices video. Eugene gives the 3 factors you MUST think about if you’re buying a dental practice. He’ll go into great detail about WHY Billing, Chart

March 1, 2017 Video DentalFinances

The 411 on Student Debt

by Oral Health

Understanding your student debt from dental school is one thing, but do you understand what to do with it? Wilson Chen takes this video to explain your options for handling your student debt. Watch last week’s Best Practices video: Top

February 21, 2017 Video FinancesPractice Operations

Top 2 Tips for Buying a Dental Practice

by Oral Health

In this financial video, David Chong Yen, chartered accountant, talks about two of his biggest tips when buying a dental practice: 1. Synergy and 2. Realizing Value. His biggest advice: “Control risk.” Watch last week’s Best Practices video: 3 Keys