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March 31, 2019 News News

Heart Attack Victim Thankful for Dental Office Staff That Saved Her Life

by Sarah Morin, CBC News

Melissa Dunlay expected Jan. 30 would be like any other day. She got up, got her kids ready for school, and went to her dentist appointment at River Valley Dental Clinic in Saint John with her daughter. It was snowing

December 6, 2018 News News

Dentist Accused of Shaming Breastfeeding Mother Shares Her Side of Story

by Antoinette DelBel, ABC13

A story 13WHAM first reported Monday continues to generate a lot of comments and interest. A Facebook post from an Irondequoit mother went viral over the weekend after being shared almost 7,000 times. Tuesday, it was shared more than 8,000 times. Tiffany

May 2, 2018 News News

Acupuncture May Help Patients with Dental Anxiety

by University of York, Science Daily

Researchers have found evidence that acupuncture could help people who experience dental anxiety. Dental anxiety affects up to an estimated 30% of the adult population in countries world-wide. Patients can experience nausea, difficulty breathing and dizziness at the thought of

May 1, 2018 Feature Oral Health OfficePractice management

Great Expectations

by Shawn Peers LLM, MBA

“I don’t know what the dentist expects of me”   Has anyone in your office ever uttered this phrase?Advertisement It is one of the most common statements we hear when working with offices struggling to achieve their full potential. When

March 26, 2018 News News

9,500 Dental Patients at Risk of Diseases from Unsanitary Sterilization

by Matt Dougherty, KHOU11

Patients who learned they may have been exposed to serious diseases at a Texas City clinic are angry and scared. Galveston County Sheriff’s Office deputies would not allow KHOU 11 to enter the Coastal Health and Wellness Clinic on Saturday

March 26, 2018 News News

Vancouver Dental Patient Develops Mysterious Lump on Hand

by Harrison Mooney

After a routine trip to the dentist, a Vancouver resident developed a deadly heart infection, as well as a bizarre, bulging lump on his right hand. The curious case was published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine by