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May 30, 2017 Video Dental Video

Digital Dentistry Leading the Industry with Dr. Volinder Dhesi

by Oral Health

Dr. Volinder Dhesi looks forward with digital dentistry, not only to the benefits we’re experiencing now, but what we can hope to see as the future of dentistry thanks to the always-changing technology. Watch last week’s video: Clinical Brief –

May 17, 2017 Product Spotlight

DEXcam™ 4 HD Intra-Oral Camera Lets Clinicians Better Serve Patients


DEXIS, a brand of KaVo Kerr, proudly launches its next generation intra-oral camera, DEXcam 4 HD. This new camera leverages the award-winning features of its predecessor adding high definition imaging with an innovative acquisition software, DEXcapture. DEXIS understands that for

May 11, 2017 Product Spotlight

Dentsply Sirona Implant Supporting Full Implant Treatment Process

by Dentsply Sirona

The implant treatment process contains many steps—from imaging and diagnosis, treatment planning and implant surgery to abutment selection, restorative solutions and patient follow-up. Dentsply Sirona Implants presents several new solutions to their already extensive portfolio to delegates at their second

May 8, 2017 Product Spotlight

Carestream Dental Introduces New Four-in-One Extraoral Imaging Solution

by Carestream Dental

The innovative CS 8100 3D system is now available with a cephalometric imaging option, in addition to several new 3D applications. Built on the award-winning compact design of the CS 8100 panoramic system and featuring multi-functional, four-in-one imaging capabilities, the

May 3, 2017 Product Spotlight

DEXIS Provides New Product Allowing Clinicians to Better Serve Patients


DEXIS, a brand of KaVo Kerr, proudly launches its next generation intra-oral camera, DEXcam 4 HD. This new camera leverages the award-winning features of its predecessor adding high definition imaging with an innovative acquisition software, DEXcapture. DEXIS understands that for

April 28, 2017 Product Spotlight

CEREC SpeedFire Sintering Furnace Honoured with iF Design Award

by Dentsply Sirona

The CEREC SpeedFire received the globally respected prize for product design in the category “Medicine, Health & Care,” and thus takes its place on a lengthening list of prize-winning products from the largest manufacturer of dental products and technologies in

April 21, 2017 News Dental TechnologyNewsPractice Operations

Earth Day Initiatives by Hu-Friedy Encourage Greener Dental Choices

by Hu-Friedy

Hu-Friedy, a global leader in dental manufacturing, today announced its plans to promote earth-friendly initiatives in support of Earth Day, April 22nd,, with a focus on its dental instrument recycling program, Environdent. The Hu-Friedy Environdent program, facilitates the ecologically responsible

April 7, 2017 Product Spotlight

BEGO Presents New Developments and Advancements at the IDS


On time for the opening of the dental world’s leading trade fair BEGO presents the new 3D printer Varseo S for quick, easy and cost-effective laboratory production of restorations made from resins. Thanks to the approximately 30% larger building plate

April 7, 2017 Product Spotlight

Dentsply Sirona Prosthetics Introduces the First High Impact Pourable Acrylic Denture Base

by Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply Sirona, The Dental Solutions Company™, announced the introduction of Lucitone® HIPA (High Impact Pour Acrylic). Lucitone® HIPA is a high impact pourable acrylic denture base. It is the first pourable acrylic denture base on the market to exceed both

April 6, 2017 Product Spotlight

NuSmile Introduces LED Curing Light to Canada

by NuSmile

NuSmile Ltd., the worldwide leader in pediatric esthetic restorative dentistry, announced today that its LED Curing Light is now available in Canada. Made with light-weight durable cast aluminum housing, the NuSmile LED Curing Light delivers excellent performance and convenience at

April 6, 2017 News Dental TechnologyNewsOral Health

Dentists Across North America are Actively Reducing Patient Radiation Exposure


As dental imaging technology has evolved, new modalities offer dentists ways to reduce, and in some cases eliminate, radiation exposure. When this kind of important technology presents itself, dental professionals and patients take notice. In the days of dental film,

April 6, 2017 Product Spotlight

Most Efficient Entry into the KaVo World of 3D X-ray: OP 3D

by KaVo Kerr

The KaVo OP 3D makes choosing your 3D X-ray system simple. Four selectable image resolutions and up to four FoV diameters for substantiated diagnosis in 3D. In addition,­­ SMARTVIEW™ 2.0 offers the possibility to adjust the height and width individually

April 5, 2017 Product Spotlight

Ivoclar Vivadent Contributes to Shaping Future of Digital Prosthetics

by Ivoclar Vivadent

Increasing digitization of the dental working steps requires all the different components used in a process to be optimally coordinated. Therefore, Ivoclar Vivadent has extended its long-standing materials and processing expertise to cover the entire digital process chain. The new

April 4, 2017 Product Spotlight

Dental Wings Introduces the VITA Easyshade® V Scanner for Dental Wings

by Dental Wings

Dental Wings is pleased to announce the introduction of the new VITA Easyshade® V Scanner for Dental Wings. The new VITA Easyshade® V Scanner for Dental Wings is a digital shade measurement device for determining the shade of natural dentition, whitened

April 4, 2017 Product Spotlight

Kerr™ Endodontics Presents Endovac Pure™

by KaVo Kerr

Kerr Endodontics, a global leader in endodontic equipment and consumables, is proud to present Endovac Pure, an irrigation system that combines a portable base unit with a sterile packed cartridge and an ergonomically designed, single handheld controller for enhanced ease

April 3, 2017 Product Spotlight

Reliable New Digital Solutions for Orthodontics

by Dentsply Sirona

Orthodontists and dentists who offer orthodontic treatments will experience a number of exciting changes from Dentsply Sirona at the IDS: DENTSPLY GAC has become Dentsply Sirona Orthodontics. The product range is comprehensive and offers numerous tried-and-tested materials and aids for

April 1, 2017 Product Spotlight

Latest Generation of 3D Printing with BEGO Varseo S – MDR Ready


“100% dental technology – that was and is still the key feature of our 3D printing system, which has been developed with dental laboratories and for dental laboratories. With the new Varseo S, we are now presenting our latest 3D

March 31, 2017 Product Spotlight

Superior and More Affordable Solutions for Dental Labs from 3Shape

by 3Shape

3Shape to present at IDS its brand-new line of high quality, more affordable, E dental lab scanners and flexible LabCare subscription models to make CAD/CAM digital dentistry more cost effective for dental laboratories. Superior and more affordable 3Shape lab scanners

March 30, 2017 Product Spotlight

CEREC Club Introduced Impressive New Services at IDS 2017

by Dentsply Sirona

CEREC is an important step in completing a digitized practice that provides dentists and patients more comfort, additional options and enables treatment in a single visit. The next step, CEREC Club membership, allows users to be at the cutting edge

March 29, 2017 Product Spotlight

New Solutions from 3Shape to Change Your Dentistry

by 3Shape

3Shape globally launches today a brand new 3Shape TRIOS 3 Wireless intraoral scanner and introduces to IDS, six innovative solutions for dentists: TRIOS Patient Monitoring, 3Shape TRIOS Design Studio, TRIOS Patient Specific Motion, the 3Shape X1 4-in-1 CBCT scanner, 3Shape