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September 17, 2021 News DentistryNews

Dentists Offering Membership Plans for the Uninsured

by NBC News

Nevada dentist David White has seen diseased and rotted teeth in the mouths of patients who routinely put off checkups and avoided minor procedures such as fillings. While dental phobia is a factor, White said, the overriding reason people avoid

April 20, 2020 News News

Insurance Companies Cut Group Plan Premiums Including Dental

by Investment Executive

Canadian insurance companies are slashing premiums as claims fall, in a bid to help small- and medium-sized businesses grappling with Covid-19. Canada Life has announced premium reductions of 50% for dental and 20% for vision and extended healthcare benefits, excluding

April 15, 2020 News Oral Health

B.C. Dentists Say They’re Being Denied $36M in Pandemic Insurance Due to Lack of Order to Close Completely

by CBC News

B.C. dentists say they’ve been unable to collect pandemic insurance because the province’s current directives do not clearly require that dental offices close so they can provide emergency care. Since March 23, the province has recommended that all dental offices suspend non-emergency care.

April 5, 2020 News News

How Aviva is Responding to Dentists’ COVID-19 Claims

by Canadian Underwriter

Aviva Canada is promising guidance to dentists who want to submit claims arising from provincial government orders shutting down non-essential services. Aviva writes TripleGuard, a property and casualty insurance product for dentists provided by CDSPI, originally known as Canadian Dental

April 1, 2020 News News

Insurer Says It Will Pay Dentists’ Claims for Pandemic Coverage

by The Globe and Mail

Aviva Canada CEO Jason Storah says the insurance company will “stand by” its pandemic coverage for dentists who followed provincial orders to close down their practices because of the outbreak of COVID-19. The reassurance to the dental community comes two

March 31, 2020 News News

Dentists Fighting to Get Insurance Payouts Because Office Closure Seen as ‘Voluntary’

by The Globe and Mail

Thousands of Canadian dentists who followed industry recommendations to shut down their practices nearly two weeks ago because of the COVID-19 outbreak have still not received insurance payments despite taking out business interruption policies that include pandemic coverage. The industry-wide

March 27, 2020 News DentistryNews

Pandemic Coverage: The Big Unknown for Dentists

by Canadian Underwriter

Are Canadian dentists covered for business interruption or commercial liability arising from the COVID-19 pandemic? That is open to question right now for some existing policies. What seems clear is that if a dentist wants to buy a new policy

October 8, 2019 Feature Customer serviceData Driven DentistryOHGdataPractice management

Rest Assured Your Patients Are Insured (And Ready To Use It)

by Oral Health

Don’t underestimate the willingness of your patients when it comes to dental insurance. Most patients have it (more than you think) and if presented with a treatment that would be covered, even partially, are willing to use it. Open the

Business Challenges
August 7, 2018 Feature OHGdataPractice management

Dentists’ Daily Business Challenges: Broken Down

by Oral Health

There are endless day-to-day challenges to face as a dentist. Not only are you performing procedures, developing treatment plans and trying to stay on top of the latest techniques and products, but you’re also running a business. While every practice