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Radiographic Interpretation
June 24, 2022 Feature Dental HygieneDental TechnologyDentistryRadiology

Reducing Noise in Dentistry: The Role of AI in Improving Radiographic Interpretation

by Michelle Budd, D.D.S, Patient Safety Consultant, dentalcorp; Julian Perez, J.D., Chief Legal Officer, dentalcorp

A patient emails 20 different dentists her recently taken full mouth series of x-rays, stating, “My previous dentist took these just before I moved to town. The move was sudden (work-related), so my dentist never had a chance to tell

February 15, 2022 News NewsOral Health

Chewing Sugar-Free Gum Reduced Preterm Births in a Large Study

by Aimee Cunningham, Science News

Chewing a sugar-free gum daily reduced preterm births in a large study in Malawi. The oral intervention was inspired by past research linking poor oral health and preterm birth. The gum contains xylitol — a chemical that can boost oral

January 28, 2022 Feature Dental HygieneMental HealthOverall HealthWellness

5 Essentials of Well-being

by Nicola Deall, Chief People Officer, dentalcorp

Professional athletes place as much importance on their rest and recovery as on their performance strategy. Why? Because the time we spend recharging directly impacts our ability to perform and thrive both personally and professionally, as well as cope with

January 28, 2022 Feature Dental Hygiene

Bringing Humanity to an Anonymous World

by Mahsa Bakhshandeh, RDH

There are some very important tasks that must get done in a routine dental hygiene appointment. Each of us has our check lists: medical history update, extra oral and intra oral examination, periodontal charting, scaling etc. There is a standard

Temporary Dental Hygienist
June 25, 2021 Feature Dental Hygiene

The Ideal Etiquette as a Temporary Dental Hygienist: What You Should Know

by Dr. Leana Lundt, JVR Dental

Temporary dental hygienists are rapidly growing in popularity. Not only are dental offices needing more for those at home in quarantine, but a variety of hygienists are also finding the flexibility of temporary jobs appealing. These temps include dental hygienists

April 22, 2021 Feature Dental HygienePatient ManagementPractice Management

How You as a Hygienist Can Improve the Patient Experience

by Dr. Christopher Young, Young Family Dental

Dental hygienists are a key part in ensuring that patients are satisfied with their visit at the dental practice. As a hygienist, you not only assist your patients with their oral hygiene, you also are responsible for helping educate them