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Opioid Crisis

April 29, 2022 Feature Oral Health OfficePain managementPractice management

The Silent Pandemic: Dentistry in the Time of Opioids

by Dr. Michelle Budd, Patient Safety Consultant; Julian Perez, Senior Vice-President of Legal and Risk

On a Friday afternoon, a dentist’s mind raced. Her patient was asking for a fifth refill of Percocet. The dentist was positive that the pain from a third molar extraction had passed and feared the patient had a substance dependence

February 7, 2022 News DentistryNews

Why Dentists Across the U.S. are Prescribing Fewer Opioids

by Emily Mullin, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Opioids have routinely been prescribed to adults and children for dental procedures for decades, and dentists are among the top prescribers of the drugs after family physicians, responsible for an estimated 1 in 10 opioids in the United States. But prescriptions for

January 10, 2022 News News

Dr. Rajesh Khanna Named Director of the NYU Pain Research Center

by NYU College of Dentistry

Rajesh Khanna, PhD, an internationally known expert in pain research, has been named director of the NYU Pain Research Center, effective January 1, 2022. Prior to joining NYU, Dr. Khanna was the associate director of the University of Arizona Health

June 14, 2021 News NewsOral Health

Inappropriate Pain Management After Surgery a Major Cause of Opioid Crisis

by University of Dundee

Targets to eliminate pain after surgery are a major cause of the opioid crisis in several countries, according to a new report co-authored by Professor Lesley Colvin of the University of Dundee. Published in The Lancet, the report brings together global

Acute pain management
March 3, 2020 Feature Geriatric DentistryOral Health

The Opioid Crisis and Dentistry: Alternatives for the Management of Acute Post-Operative Dental Pain

by Andrew Lombardi; Sarah Lam; Dr. Aviv Ouanounou

Abstract The dental profession represents a significant player in the future trajectory of the current opioid crisis. Exercising sound clinical judgement and adhering to evidence-based principles of pain management are essential. The aim of the present report is to review

Acute pain management
March 3, 2020 Feature EditorialGeneral DentistryOral Health

The Opioid Crisis

by Marina Polonsky, DDS, MSc

Remember a few years back, when a new regulation came into effect that required us to ask our patients for a piece of ID when we wanted to prescribe something as common as Tylenol #3? Personally, I thought, “Oh sure,

February 5, 2020 News News

More Than Half of Dental Prescriptions for Opioids Exceed Pain-Management Guidelines, Study Finds

by Technology.org

A new study suggests that roughly half of the opioid prescriptions written by dentists in the United States exceed the three-day supply recommended by federal dental pain-management guidelines. The research also showed that during the five-year study period, a more

October 29, 2019 News News

A New System To Measure Pain More Accurately Could Help Fight The Opioid Addiction Crisis

by Roberto Molar Candanosa, Northeastern University

Struggling to assess pain based on a zero-to-ten scale is not an uncommon issue when doctors treat patients, especially because the concept of how painful something is can vary from person to person. It’s difficult to put a number on

October 24, 2019 News News

Region Of Durham Calls For Provincial And Federal Investment, Action And Partnership To Address The Opioid Crisis

by Durham Region

The Region of Durham is urging the governments of Canada and Ontario to recognize, acknowledge and declare a national health epidemic to help address the provincial and nation-wide opioid overdose crisis with an Opioid Overdose Emergency Resolution. The resolution, which

October 17, 2019 News News

Top Drug Distributors In Talks To Settle Opioid Litigation For $18 Billion, Report Says


State and local officials are reportedly in talks with three major drug distributors on a potential $18 billion settlement of litigation that blames them for helping to fuel the U.S. opioid epidemic. The potential settlement, according to The Wall Street Journal,

October 13, 2019 News News

Dentists Closely Watching Pain Management Study

by News 3 Las Vegas

The National Institute of Health is putting its money where its mouth is in the opioid crisis by shelling out nearly $12 million for a long-term study to determine if non-addictive pain medication like acetaminophen and ibuprofen are as effective

October 7, 2019 News News

Two ‘Dirty Docs’ Sentenced For Adding To The Opioid Crisis

by 13 News Now

Two Virginia doctors were sentenced in separate illegal prescription-writing schemes Wednesday. Combined, prosecutors said they were responsible for adding more than half a million pills to the opioid crisis. Gary Hartman, a Virginia Beach dentist, will spend the next nearly

September 19, 2019 News News

In Effort To Curb Opioid Crisis, Oral Surgeons Find Other Methods To Treat Pain

by 13Wham

Dr. John Vorassi, an oral surgeon with the Eastman Institute of Oral Health, says he and his doctors are now trying to prescribe fewer opioids to patients. Vorassi describes the shift in treating post-oral surgery pain in the last five

September 9, 2019 News News

Mark Wahlberg Shares Passion For Curbing Opioid Abuse

by ADA

Oscar-nominated actor and producer Mark Wahlberg has suffered the loss of friends from the opioid crisis. “I’ve known people who you’d never think would ever be interested in any kind of drug use but had an accident or surgery and

January 9, 2019 News Oral Health

Minnesota Dental Association Releases Opioid Support Materials for Dentists and Patients

by Manitoba Dental Association

The Minnesota Dental Association (MDA) has published a new brochure on pain management and the dangers of opioid use. The patient brochure educates on the dangers of opioid use and offers information on opioid alternatives as well as storing and

March 19, 2018 News News

Dental School Uses Software to Track, Fight Opioid Usage in Patients

by DrFirst, PR Newswire

The University of Maryland School of Dentistry (UMSOD) has joined with DrFirst, the leading independent provider of e-prescribing and medication management systems in the U.S., to fight the opioid crisis that is afflicting Maryland and the country. The school’s adoption of DrFirst’s mobility suite, including