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September 12, 2022 Feature CancerCancerDental HygieneOral cancer

Oral Cancer: Screening and Early Discovery

by Jo-Anne Jones, President, RDH Connection Inc.

A vast amount of my career has been spent on defining our powerful role as dental hygienists in the earlier discovery of an abnormal lesion through effective visual and tactile examination of the structures of the head, neck and oral

Head and Neck Cancers
September 12, 2022 Feature CancerOral cancerOral Health

Time to Re-evaluate the Role of Dentists in Preventing Head and Neck Cancers

by Michelle Budd, DDS; Julian Perez, JD

Oral and pharyngeal cancer, also known as head and neck cancer, poses a significant (if somewhat underappreciated) global public health issue, with over 50,000 North Americans diagnosed each year.1 The 2019 Canadian Cancer Statistics report indicated that 5,300 Canadians were

April 5, 2022 News CancerNewsOral Health

Pandemic-Driven Behaviors Could Increase Risk of Oral Cancer

by ADA

Two years into the pandemic, regular dental visits are more important than ever. In fact, they could save lives. New studies published in The Journal of the American Dental Association underscore the importance of regular dental visits in the prevention

March 4, 2022 Feature CancerOral Health OfficePractice management

When a Dentist Gets Oral Cancer

by Dr. Parul Dua Makkar; Dr. Sanjukta Mohanta

When you see you it, you don’t forget it. Cancer. It’s as scary to look at as it is to tell a patient that they have something suspicious in their mouth – something that may be oral cancer. What if

April 20, 2021 News CancerNewsOral Health

OraCare Partners with Dentists to Provide Vital Support to Cancer Patients

by OraCare

Free Product Provided To Help Ease the Side Effects of Cancer Treatment In response to a critical need within the dental community to help support and care for patients undergoing cancer treatments, OraCare is pleased to announce the continuation and

March 25, 2021 News CancerNewsOral Health

UB Awarded $1.5 Million to Reprogram White Blood Cells in Fight Against Oral Cancer

by The University at Buffalo

Veterans two times more likely to develop head and neck cancers than non-veterans The University at Buffalo has received a $1.5 million grant from the United States Department of Defense to develop new therapies that help reduce chronic inflammation and

January 29, 2021 News NewsOral Health

NYU Dentistry Awarded NIH Grant to Investigate Oral Cancer Pain Treatment Utilizing Co-delivery of DNA and RNA

by NYU

Clinician-scientists Seiichi Yamano and Brian Schmidt to further novel gene therapy strategy to treat oral cancer pain NYU College of Dentistry clinician-scientists Seiichi Yamano and Brian Schmidt have set out to develop a new class of medicines using gene therapy to effectively and

December 14, 2020 Feature CancerOral cancerOral HealthPreventive Dentistry

Oral Cancer and the Race Against Time: Use of Psoriasin (S100A7) as a Predictive Marker to Enhance Assessment of Cancer Risk in Oral Lesions

by V. Thorburn, BMSc, MSc, DDS Candidate; C.S. Dong, DMD, BSc (Dent), MSc (Prosthodontics), FRCD(C) and M.R. Darling, BChD, MSc (Dent), MSc (Med), MChD

Introduction Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is a potentially debilitating and deadly disease, particularly when diagnosed at an advanced stage.1 Early detection drastically improves prognostic outcomes, making diagnosis a race against time.2 Most cases of OSCC begin as a precursor

October 8, 2020 News NewsOral Health

Oral Cancer Pain Predicts Likelihood of Cancer Spreading

by NYU

Oral cancer is more likely to spread in patients experiencing high levels of pain, according to a team of researchers at New York University (NYU) College of Dentistry that found genetic and cellular clues as to why metastatic oral cancers

May 12, 2020 Feature Dental CareDental HygieneDental HygieneHygienistsPatient Management

Keep Calm & ADPIE: Unleashing Hygienists’ Potential

by Tracy Poirier, RDH, IMC™

Did you know that acronyms are actually very modern inventions? They were found to be in existence around World War 1, but were still not used very much until World War 2. The word “acronym” did not even come into

May 12, 2020 Feature Dental Hygiene

Hindsight is 20/20: Missing the Oral and Oropharyngeal Cancer Diagnosis

by Jo-Anne Jones, President, RDH Connection Inc.

Amid our present-day pandemic, the disease of oral and oropharyngeal cancer once again has a much larger adversary. April has come and gone with very little focus on it being Oral Cancer Awareness Month. All attention understandably has been on

February 5, 2020 News News

Australian Dentists Issue Warning on Hazards of Betel Quid Chewing

by Bite Magazine

More and more dentists across Australia are seeing cases of oral cancer in patients who have brought the practice of betel quid chewing with them from their homeland, a practice which has the potential to affect thousands of migrants and

December 16, 2019 News News

Detecting Mouth and Throat Cancer Earlier and Easier With Novel Saliva Test

by SciTech Daily

A novel noninvasive technique may detect human papilloma virus-16, the strain associated with oropharyngeal cancer, in saliva samples, reports The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics. Unfortunately, cancers that occur in the back of the mouth and upper throat are often not

October 31, 2019 News Oral Health

Paid 60 Seconds to Save a Life

by Pierrel Pharma

Oral cancer is one of the few oral diseases encountered by the oral health team that has significant morbidity and premature mortality. Tobacco products, alcohol consumption and sun exposure are the most recognized risk factors, but the incidence of Human

October 19, 2019 News CancerNewsOral Health

Abbotsford Hospital Fundraising For Cancer Dental Care

by CTV News

An oral cancer survivor from B.C. is speaking out to bolster a fundraising campaign to install a new dental suite for cancer patients at Abbotsford Regional Hospital. Rosalyn Salanguit survived stage four cancer in her tongue, and despite doctors’ predictions

October 3, 2019 News News

ADA Expands Policy On Oral Cancer Detection To Include Oropharyngeal Cancer

by ADA News

The American Dental Association recommends dentists conduct routine visual and tactile examinations for oral and oropharyngeal cancer for all patients, according to a resolution passed by the ADA House of Delegates on Sept. 9. Resolution 65H-2019 amended the ADA policy

July 23, 2019 News NewsOral Health

12 Lakh Cases Of Oral Cancer In India In 2018: Why Dental Care Is Important

by The News Minute

Dental care and oral hygiene largely remains an undiscussed topic, with few people aware of the risks associated with poor dental hygiene. The National Oral Health Care Programme, which falls under the care of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

May 8, 2019 News News

Ontario Dentists Playing Bigger Role in Oral Cancer Detection: U of T Study

by U of T News

After examining data gathered in a first-of-its-kind provincial study, University of Toronto clinician-scientist Marco Magalhaes has a vital message to convey: Dentists in Ontario are detecting more cases of oral cancer and pre-cancer than ever before – and it’s saving lives. The study,

April 25, 2019 News News

HPV-Oral Cancer Link Spotlights Health Disparities Among Men

by AmeriHealth Caritas

An emerging new type of oral cancer in men has increased over the last 15 years.1 The culprit is human papillomavirus (HPV), and key social factors are contributing to its growth. April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and with the ongoing

April 15, 2019 News News

Goccles® Early Oral Cancer Screening Device Announced Winner of Edison Award

by Lanmark 360

Pierrel Pharma S.r.l. received recognition from the Edison Awards™, a prestigious organization known for acknowledging innovation, creativity, and ingenuity in the global economy, for its advanced, early oral cancer screening device: Goccles®. The FDA-approved medical device is used in combination