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August 3, 2018 Video Dental VideoOral Health OfficePractice management

What the Heck is IPAC?

by Oral Health

Julian Perez, Vice President, Risk Management & Compliance at dentalcorp, introduces a new mini-series on Infection Prevention & Control. Expect more in-depth information on how and why every dental team must ensure their days start and end with IPAC.

Patient-Centred Care
July 30, 2018 Feature Oral Health OfficePatient education

Paid Patient-Centred Care, Soft Skills and Good Business

by Julian Perez, Director, Regulatory Compliance, dentalcorp

Health care administration has evolved drastically in the last generation, and the expectations about how health care providers communicate with patients ranks among the biggest of these changes. Numerous studies have shown that patient satisfaction depends upon the attitude that

Practice Design
July 2, 2018 Feature Office designOral Health Office

Accolade Dental: The Sunny Side of Yorkville

by Accolade Dental

As a Design firm, it is quite remarkable to run into a client that has the wherewithal and fortitude for bold decisions in the conception of a new practice. From the very first meeting with Dr. Jack Slome, we at

July 2, 2018 Feature Oral Health Office

How We Vindicated a Falsely Accused Dentist…

by Mariana Bracic

…and Why You Should Thank Him   Michele Lancia was a 48-year-old, generously-paid Restorative Dental Hygienist. She worked for Park Dentistry for eight years (after 11 prior years for the dentist from whom Allen Park bought the practice). When she

Mental Illness
July 2, 2018 Feature EditorialOral Health Office

Mental Illness is Not a Personal Failure

by Jillian Cecchini, Managing Editor

The best way to grab your attention for this editorial is to simply begin with the facts. One in three Canadians will experience a mental illness or substance abuse disorder in their lifetime. By the time Canadians reach 40 years

Dental Facebook Page
July 2, 2018 Feature Oral Health OfficeSocial media

Reach Out to Local Patients Through Your Dental Facebook Page

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

Quite a few dental practices have set up Facebook pages in an attempt to promote their business locally. But, the majority of such pages have limited activity and an absence of social engagement. Enhancing the visibility of your practice’s Facebook

HR mistakes
July 2, 2018 Feature Oral Health Office

3 HR Mistakes Dentists and Office Managers are (Still) Making in 2018

by Alex Zlatin

Back in the day, when dentists weren’t even using gloves while treating patients, running a clinic was way simpler. It was less stressful as well. So many veteran dentists tell me they are grateful and lucky to be retiring soon

Commercial Lease
July 2, 2018 Feature Oral Health Office

Caring For Your Commercial Lease

by John McMillan, LL.B.

You have successfully negotiated a Lease for your Practice, but that does not mean that you can just put it away and forget about it. Your Lease and your relationship with your Landlord require care and attention throughout the term

June 1, 2018 Video Dental VideoPractice management

Incorporating Digital Dentistry In Your Practice

by Oral Health

Dr. Effrat Habsha, Prosthodontist at MedCan, dives into the world of digital dentistry, how to implement into your practice and why patients are reacting so positively to the technology. If you are in Toronto, don’t miss Dr. Habsha’s live seminar on

Dental Record
June 1, 2018 Feature Oral Health Office

Paid Dental Record Keeping 101

by Julian Perez, Director, Regulatory Compliance, dentalcorp

Recording accurate patient information is essential to the practice of dentistry and fundamental to the delivery of quality patient care. The dental record (aka patient chart) is the official source of all diagnostic information, clinical notes, treatment and patient-related communications

May 1, 2018 Feature Office designOral Health Office

Office Design: Lux Dental Group

by Lux Dental Group

When it comes to current trends in dental office design – adjectives such as: professional, relaxing, polished and sophisticated may come to mind. Presentation and initial impression are paramount for establishing and retaining a solid client base.Advertisement In the case

May 1, 2018 Feature Office designOral Health Office

Office Design: The Davis Clinic for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

by The Davis Clinic

Merely contemplating oral and/or maxillofacial surgery is often stressful and worrisome to patients about to undergo procedures. To reduce such anxiety and apprehension, the Davis Clinic in Vaughan, Ontario, was designed to exude a contemporary, inviting, and reassuring ambience.Advertisement The

Patients are Consumers
May 1, 2018 Feature Oral Health Office

Let’s Face It, Patients are Consumers

by Robert Taylor MBA, VP, BuzzyDoc

Recognizing a recent shift in the way patients engage with their healthcare providers should play a significant role in the future success of any individual private medical practice, especially dentistry. The old adage that a patient will merely follow the

May 1, 2018 Feature Oral Health OfficeSocial mediaSocial networking

Your Network Creates Your Net Worth

by Jillian Cecchini, Managing Editor

LinkedIn’s CEO, Jeff Weiner, has developed a reputation as one of the “most beloved CEOs in the world”. Two sentences in one simple tweet proves just this – “Inspire, empower, listen and appreciate. Practicing any one of these can improve

Patient Care
May 1, 2018 Feature Oral Health Office

Dentistry and Patient Financing: A New Paradigm in Patient Care

by Ross Dow

Dentistry has long been a dynamic industry defined by ever-evolving technologies and trends. Managing to stay abreast with the latest treatments, technologies and practice management ideologies can be a full-time job. All too often the adoption of new technologies, designed

Dental Lease
May 1, 2018 Feature Oral Health Office

Top Lease Renewal Tips: Avoiding Dental Lease Provision Pitfalls!

by Scott Goldberg

Picture yourself about to begin the process of renegotiating your dental office lease with your landlord. It seems straightforward enough, right? You are going to propose a decrease in rent because your dental colleague next door is paying $2 less

May 1, 2018 Feature Oral Health OfficePractice management

Great Expectations

by Shawn Peers LLM, MBA

“I don’t know what the dentist expects of me”   Has anyone in your office ever uttered this phrase?Advertisement It is one of the most common statements we hear when working with offices struggling to achieve their full potential. When

March 28, 2018 Video Dental VideoPractice management

Giving Back in National Oral Health Month

by Oral Health Office

Dr. Gary Glassman, endodontist, dentalcorp’s Chief Dental Officer, and Oral Health’s editorial board member, outlines the importance of giving back. Whether it’s globally, locally or within your own practice, the impact will benefit the community and you.

February 28, 2018 Feature Office designOral Health Office

Luks Orthodontics

by Luks Orthodontics

After 40 years of tenancy in a fifth-floor suite at the building on the north-west corner of Yonge and Lawrence, Luks Orthodontics, moved operations, a stone’s throw away, into a new modern store front space on Yonge Street just south

February 28, 2018 Feature FinancesOral Health Office

Investment Rules for a Successful Retirement

by Dr. Wilson Chen, BSc., DDS, CFP, FMA

We are still in the first quarter of 2018 and already we’ve seen enough stomach churning volatility in the stock markets to last the whole year. The month of January was euphoric, with both the Canadian and US market indexes