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September 2, 2022 Feature Oral Health OfficePatient ManagementPractice management

The Best Way to Heal with Our Hands

by Dr. Sanjukta Mohanta, BSc., DDS

Doesn’t it feel great when patients come in with pain and, like a magician, we use our trained hands to get them smiling again? How about when we cannot get the patient out of pain? What if the condition is

August 9, 2022 Video Dental VideoPractice management

Weekly Wisdom: How to Manage Difficult Situations at Your Practice

by Oral Health

  In this episode of Weekly Wisdom, Dr. Ramez Salti shares how to manage difficult situations at your dental office with effective communication.     Subscribe to Oral Health’s weekly e-newsletter to have the latest episode delivered straight to your

Professional Conflicts
October 29, 2021 Feature Oral Health OfficePatient ManagementPractice management

Conflict Resolution: Navigating Professional Conflicts as a Dental Associate

by Josh Koziebrocki, LLB, BA (Hons)

Professional conflicts may arise when dental principals and dental associates disagree about processes in the dental clinic. These conflicts may have regulatory implications before the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO). In ideal circumstances, dental principals and dental

Difficult Patients
September 13, 2021 Feature Dental HygienePatient Management

The Troublemakers: How to Deal with Difficult Patients

by Jordan Stone

Eventually, every dental hygienist will deal with a difficult patient. Despite best efforts, a patient may be angry or upset with the care they have received or something that has been said to them. Sometimes they will be angry for

June 8, 2020 Feature Community outreachData Driven DentistryOHGdataPractice managementWebsites

How to Communicate Treatment Plans to Patients

by Oral Health

There are many reasons for patients to deny treatment acceptance, ranging from cost, time or simply a lack of understanding. Over 50% of patients have said they would be more likely to agree to treatment if their dentist was able

June 3, 2020 News News

NSK America Launches NSK LIVE to Accommodate Customers During COVID-19 Recovery

by NSK

NSK LIVE is a new, virtual platform designed for dental professionals and dealers to receive live support “anytime, anywhere” NSK Americas, the world’s largest manufacturer of rotary instruments, including air-driven and electric handpieces for dental professionals, has officially launched NSK

May 22, 2020 News News

Sault Dentist’s Song Gives Hope to Patients, Dentists During ‘Daunting’ Time

by CTV News

A dentist in Sault Ste. Marie is showing off her talents in a special tribute to her patients. Dr. Patience Simpson wrote and sang a song about staying safe and healthy during the pandemic, while dentists across the province remain

May 19, 2020 Video Dental Video

Weekly Wisdom: Understanding Patient Barriers

by Oral Health

  Dr. Mark Lin explains the importance of discussing barriers with your patients in this week’s Weekly Wisdom video.     Subscribe to Oral Health’s weekly e-newsletter to have the latest episode delivered straight to your inbox each week!   Sponsored by 

May 12, 2020 Feature Dental CareDental HygieneDental HygieneHygienistsPatient Management

Keep Calm & ADPIE: Unleashing Hygienists’ Potential

by Tracy Poirier, RDH, IMC™

Did you know that acronyms are actually very modern inventions? They were found to be in existence around World War 1, but were still not used very much until World War 2. The word “acronym” did not even come into

autistic client
May 12, 2020 Feature Dental HygienePatient ManagementPatients with disabilities

Getting To Know Your Clients Who Have Autism

by Jennifer Grzebien, RDH

It was in March of 2019 that my daughter was diagnosed with autism at a support level 3, just before her 3rd birthday. This means that she requires substantial support in order to get through her day. Since then, I

April 28, 2020 Video Dental Video

Weekly Wisdom: Keeping Your Charts Up to Date

by Oral Health

  In this week’s episode of Weekly Wisdom, Dr Les Rykiss shares how important it is to keep your charts up to date with as much information as possible.     Subscribe to Oral Health’s weekly e-newsletter to have the latest episode

April 21, 2020 Video Dental Video

Weekly Wisdom: Every Patient is Different

by Oral Health

  In this week’s episode of Weekly Wisdom, Dr Mark Lin discusses how each patient who visits the dentist is unique and why clinicians should be mindful of this.     Subscribe to Oral Health’s weekly e-newsletter to have the latest episode

April 5, 2020 News News

Managing the COVID-19 Patient

by dentalcorp

How should emergency cases be managed if patient is suspected of having or has tested positive for COVID-19? During the pandemic crisis, only emergency cases should be treated in office, regardless of whether a patient has acute respiratory symptoms. In

March 17, 2020 Video Dental Video

Weekly Wisdom: The Importance of Interviewing Patients

by Oral Health

  In this week’s Weekly Wisdom video, Dr. Mark Lin explains how important interviewing patients is and what questions you should be asking.   Subscribe to Oral Health’s weekly e-newsletter to have the latest episode delivered straight to your inbox each week!  

mental health
January 3, 2020 Feature Mental HealthOral Health OfficePractice management

Winter Blues: Navigating Patients’ Loneliness

by Julian Perez, Vice President of Risk Management & Compliance at dentalcorp; Michelle Budd, DDS, Patient Safety Consultant at dentalcorp

It’s been said that there is no health without mental health—the truth of this statement is difficult to refute. Mental illness presents a serious barrier to receiving good health care and dental care is no exception. The enormity of this

May 2, 2019 Feature Dental OfficeOHGdata

You Are The Reason Patients Stay… Or Leave

by Oral Health

Let’s not beat around the bush: patients can and will leave your practice because of you. Dissatisfaction with a dentist or their team is the number one reason for patients finding a new practice. However, it’s crucial to note: patients

April 2, 2019 Feature Data Driven DentistryGeneral PracticeOffice designOffice ManagementOHGdata

Your Patients Are Judging You Before They Meet You

by Oral Health

First impressions matter. Whether it’s the first handshake, the first walk-through or the first “hello” in a phone call – they matter. Those firsts are how you base your opinion on an experience, and that’s what your patients are doing

March 21, 2019 News News

‘Failure to Produce Patient Records’ Among Most Cited Violations, Says Dental Board

by California Dental Association

Maintaining its focus on consumer safety, the Dental Board of California has issued an increasing number of citations in recent years. As noted in its 2018 Sunset Review Report to the California Legislature, citations increased by 36 percent in each

January 31, 2019 Video Dental VideoOral Health Office

Steps to Providing a Positive Patient Experience

by Oral Health

Bruce Freeman, Orthodontist and Staff Clinician, Facial Pain Unit at Mount Sinai Hospital goes through multiple steps and strategies for ensuring that you and your team are creating a great visit for every patient, every time.

New Patient Exam
January 3, 2019 Feature Oral HealthPaediatric DentistryPatient educationPublic Relations - Patient Care

A Structured Approach to the New Patient Exam in Pediatric Dentistry

by Darsi Perusini, BSc, DDS, MSc, FRCD(C)

When a child is scheduled to be seen by a dentist, it is important to remember that this visit will likely involve at least two individuals: the child and his or her parents. Today, parents want to play an active