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February 28, 2018 Feature Oral Health OfficePractice management

Call Intelligence

by Ahmed Reza

As the marketer of a Canadian dental practice, you naturally want to know why prospective patients call. However, this information doesn’t quite go far enough. You need data that you can act on as well. Before Call Intelligence, it was

February 28, 2018 Feature Marketing strategiesOral Health Office

Marketing 101: Back to the Basics

by Dale Tucci

As you go about your day-to-day, you probably notice the multitude of dental offices, seemingly on every corner. Do you often find yourself wondering how they all survive? Maybe, you conclude, it all comes down to fantastic marketing strategy, each

February 28, 2018 Feature EditorialOral Health OfficePractice management

Empowerment + Teamwork = GOLD

by Jillian Cecchini, Managing Editor

As I sit at my desk writing this month’s editorial, I can’t help but be slightly distracted by the 2018 Winter Olympics and keeping an eye on where Team Canada sits in the standings. I’m willing to admit that I’ve

February 13, 2018 Feature Dental HygienePractice Operations

The Song of Leadership

by Katherine Eitel Belt

Lessons in leadership show up in unlikely places. As the mother of two rough and tumble boys, one of life’s greatest gifts was unexpectedly having to raise my niece, Carrie, from the age of five. While I’ve cheered at baseball

Coronary Heart Disease
February 13, 2018 Feature Dental HygienePractice Operations

The Magic of Effective Communication

by Lois Banta

“I’m sorry… we have not received your claim.” “Why did I get a statement? I have already paid your office my co-payment!” Ah, the wonderful effects of non-communication. Nothing is more frustrating for a dental office than a patient or

February 2, 2018 Video Dental VideoOral Health Office

Digital Marketing 101

by Oral Health Office

Julia Croll, Vice President, Marketing, explains best practices of digital marketing to increase your practice’s success.

February 1, 2018 Feature Oral Health Office

Paid How Public Relations Can Support New Patient Growth

by Victoria Di Domenici, Marketing, dentalcorp

What is public relations, anyways? It’s defined as “the business of inducing the public to have understanding for and goodwill toward a person, firm, or institution; also: the degree of understanding and goodwill achieved.” In relation to your dental practice, an effective

January 31, 2018 Feature Oral Health Office

Help Patients Understand Why They Should Choose Your Clinic

by Julia Croll, Vice President, Marketing dentalcorp

People are demanding when it comes to customer service. Expectations for better experiences are driving competition in every industry, forcing businesses to compete more aggressively. In dentistry, standing apart from your competitors can be especially tough. Communicating what makes your

Dental Outreach Trip
January 31, 2018 Feature Oral Health Office

Getting More Than We Gave: DMC LLP’s 2017 Jamaica Dental Outreach Trip

by Michael Carabash, BA, LLB, JD, MBA, CDPM

Do you recall the best 10 days of 2017?  I do. Mine go something like this: The Best Ten Days of Twenty-SeventeenAdvertisement Started With Strangers, Anxious And Keen To Go To A Country Some Hadn’t Seen To Pull or Save

January 11, 2018 News News

Dental Chain Pays $24 Million After False Billing Charges

by Edmund H. Mahony, Hartford Courant

The national pediatric dental chain Kool Smiles and an affiliated business have agreed to pay $24 million to settle claims that they fraudulently billed Medicaid programs around the country for root canals, crowns and other unnecessary work on poor children. The

January 1, 2018 News News

Word-of-Mouth Still Leads in Dental Referrals

by Oral Health

It’s the millennial-aged debate: in-person vs. online. While it may seem that the digital world is winning, that may not be the case in dentistry. It appears using the digital world to attract new patients isn’t all it’s cracked up

October 4, 2017 Feature Dental OfficeOffice Management

Legal Audit Approaches for Peak Performance

by John McMillan, LL.B

Achieving and maintaining peak performance certainly involves a focus on marketing, operational efficiencies and controls and the use of new technologies. Often overlooked or neglected are the many legal relationships, agreements and statutory requirements that have over the years become

August 9, 2017 News News

ABELSoft Inc. Wins 2016/2017 Microsoft Dynamics Independent Software Vendor (ISV) of the Year Award for Canada

by ABELSoft Inc.

ABELSoft Inc., a leading provider of dental and medical practice management and clinical software, today proudly announced it has won the 2016/2017 Microsoft Dynamics Independent Software Vendor (ISV) of the Year Award for Canada. The award was achieved as a

June 28, 2017 News NewsPractice Operations

Nitrous Oxide Leaks Too Common in Dental Practices

by Safety + Health Magazine

Although most dental professionals use a scavenging system to prevent nitrous oxide gas from escaping during a dental procedure, adherence to other recommended practices – such as checking equipment for leaks – is lacking, according to a new study from

June 5, 2017 News Computer softwareDental TechnologyNewsOffice Management

Carestream Names New General Manager of Practice Management Software

by Carestream Dental

Carestream Dental is pleased to announce that Satish Hemachandran has accepted the position of general manager of its practice management software business. In this role, he will be responsible for the overall strategy, resource allocation, operational execution and customer experience

April 17, 2017 News NewsPractice management

Carestream to Sell Dental Digital Business

by Carestream Dental

Carestream, working with its parent company, Onex Corporation (TSX: ONEX), has entered into an agreement to sell its dental digital business to funds managed by Clayton, Dubilier & Rice (CD&R), a leading global private investment firm, and CareCapital Advisors Limited

January 4, 2017 Product Spotlight

CS Boost Lets Dentists Manage Practice, Patients from Anywhere

by Carestream Dental

Doctors are always looking for a boost, whether it’s a boost to their practice performance, patient satisfaction or their efficiency. Now, with CS Boost, doctors have in- and out-of-office web and mobile access to their clinical information, to give them

November 23, 2016 Feature Oral HealthPractice OperationsProsthodontics

Forward to the Past: Dentistry in the Information Age

by René Brewer

A Crisis of Trust In a Gallup poll taken in November 2012, Americans were asked to rate service providers, including dentists, on ethical standards and honesty. Among health professionals, nurses came out on top with 85 percent of respondents rating