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Managing Complaints from the RCDSO
June 30, 2021 Feature Oral Health OfficePractice management

You’ve Got “Private and Confidential” Mail: Managing Complaints from the RCDSO

by Jordan Glick & Aly Háji, GlickLaw

Every dentist shudders when they think about it: You’re going through the mail for your practice and amidst junk mail and bills, there’s an envelope with the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) logo in the top left

September 18, 2020 News DentistryNews

Windsor Dentist First Female Chair of National College

by Windsor Star

Windsor can lay claim to the appointment of the first-ever female chair of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada. Dr. Carolyn Mason was appointed board chair at the RCDC’s annual general meeting held virtually Saturday due to the COVID-19

September 17, 2020 News DentistryNews

COVID-19 Update – Regional Approaches to AGPs


Recently, the College received new advice from PIDAC – the Provincial Infectious Disease Advisory Committee – via Public Health Ontario on the treatment of patients when performing aerosol-generating procedures. PIDAC is now recommending that, in regions of Ontario where COVID-19 transmission levels are

September 8, 2020 News DentistryNews

COVID-19: Amended Guidance on Managing Infection Risks During In-Person Dental Care


The College has revised its Guidance on managing infection risks during in-person dental care. That document is available on their website by clicking here. Key changes include: A new introductory section that reflects recent developments related to COVID-19, including the Province’s

June 16, 2020 News NewsOral Health

COVID-19 Update: Stage 2 Reopening


Stage 2 of the Government of Ontario’s reopening plan is in place starting June 12, 2020. The plan provides information about what businesses and services may open now. Dental practices are essential businesses and already permitted to be open. However, the

June 11, 2020 News DentistryNews

COVID-19 Update: A Note on RCDSO Guidance


Senior RCDSO staff spoke with representatives of the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario this morning, June 10, 2020. The conversation was congenial and productive. We touched on the differences in current guidance to our respective membership and considered how

June 5, 2020 News Dental HygieneNewsOral Health

The Rift Over COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

by CBC News

As many shuttered dental clinics are preparing to reopen, a rift is growing in the industry over proper protocols to keep patients and staff safe — with one Ontario dental hygienist calling clinics a “ticking time bomb” for creating new

June 1, 2020 News News

COVID-19: Amended Guidance on Managing Infection Risks During In-Person Dental Care


The Chief Medical Officer of Health issued a new Directive #2 on May 26. As a result, dentists are now permitted to provide in-person care for all deferred, non-essential, and elective services, in addition to emergency and urgent care. The College has revised

May 25, 2020 News DentistryNewsOral Health

COVID-19: Managing Infection Risks During In-Person Dental Care


The RCDSO’s new guidance, COVID-19: Managing infection risks during in-person dental care, is now available on the College’s website. The guidance was developed by the RCDSO based on the best available evidence and research, along with expert feedback. This includes information obtained

May 13, 2020 News News

COVID-19 Update: Message from RCDSO President


Dear Colleagues, Since I wrote to you last, the COVID-19 picture in Ontario has started to trend towards improvement. It seems clear that the measures that we have all taken are making a difference. Those measures have obviously included restrictions

December 3, 2019 News News

Study of Ontario’s Dental Complaints Highlights Importance of Communication in Addition to Clinical Care

by University of Toronto

A groundbreaking study of complaints made to the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) over an 11-year period is yielding new insights into perceptions surrounding oral health-care professionals and their standard of care. The nearly two-year study, led by

October 11, 2019 News News

Ontario Dentist Reprimanded But Cleared Of Most Serious Allegations

by Windsor Star

An Amherstburg dentist who was hauled before a disciplinary panel of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario has been ordered to pay a $5,000 penalty and will be subject to two years of monitoring and random inspections by

August 29, 2019 News News

Responding To Complaints Before The Royal College Of Dental Surgeons Of Ontario: A Defence Lawyer’s Perspective

by Gardener Roberts LLP

As legal counsel for dentists, we are routinely asked questions about the complaints process before the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (“RCDSO”). Although the regulatory framework governing complaint matters is quite extensive, the following is the essential information

May 2, 2019 Feature Oral Health OfficePractice management

10 Legal Tips for New Dentists at the RCDSO

by Josh Koziebrocki, LLB, BA

Becoming a dentist can be a challenging process. Once licenced by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (“RCDSO”), any dentist, regardless of the quality of their work, may become the subject of a formal complaint. Implementing best practices

December 18, 2018 News News

Ontario’s Dental Watchdog Bares Sharp Teeth Against Critics

by Robert Cribb and Kenyon Wallace, Toronto Star

Describing a toxic work environment fuelled by bullying and favouritism, more than two dozen current and former staff and executives of the province’s dental regulator have been waging a quiet war against their leadership. In response, lawyers for the Royal

Implant Treatment
October 16, 2018 Feature Oral HealthPeriodontics

Critique of the RCDSO Draft Document on: “Standard of Practice: Infection Prevention and Control in the Dental Office”

by John Hardie, BDS, MSc, PhD, FRCDC

Preamble Recently, the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) welcomed comments on its draft document “Standard of Practice: Infection Prevention and Control in the Dental Office.” This critique is based on a thorough reading of the proposed Standard

Implant Treatment
October 16, 2018 Feature Oral HealthPeriodonticsViewpoint

RCDSO Mandatory PET exam and Mandatory Category 1 Con Ed requirements. Why Not?

by Brian W. Eckert, Bsc, DDS, Ottawa

In 2013 the RCDSO introduced the mandatory Practice Enhancement Tool (PET) for licenced Ontario dentist to be exercised every five years: “a computer based self-assessment program … that allows members to evaluate and assess their practice, knowledge, skill and judgement”.

Infection Control
February 20, 2018 Feature

Putting the Risk in Context

by Alia El-Mowafy, BDS, MSc

Sedation and anesthesia for dentistry has come under scrutiny in the past few years due to a few tragic events where patients experienced harm. These events have raised several questions: are these just isolated incidents due to negligence in clinicians’