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June 22, 2020 News News

Sugary Drink Tax Models Show Health Gains, Cost Reductions, But Vary by Tax Design

by American Heart Association, MedicalXpress.

A simulation model of different designs of taxes on sugary drinks, which are linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, suggests that all tax designs would generate substantial health gains as well as lower health costs in the U.S., according

October 1, 2019 News News

Higher Tax On Sweetened Beverages Expected To Reduce Public Health Woes In Thailand

by The Nation Thailand

The government expects its decision to levy higher taxes on sugary drinks from next month to help improve the health of Thai people. The Department of Health said it expects the health of Thais to improve after the government move

September 23, 2019 News News

Health Reports: Change In Total Sugars Consumption Among Canadian Children And Adults

by Statistics Canada

A new study released today in Health Reports is the first to look at the long-term trend in total sugars consumption using the most recent data from the Canadian Community Health Survey—Nutrition 2015. Overall, total sugars consumption—which includes free and naturally-occurring sugars—decreased for

August 26, 2019 News News

Dentist Launches The World’s First Drink That’s Good For Your Teeth

by DailyMail

A dentist has revealed how seeing decay and erosion every day at work led her to launch the world’s first drink that’s good for your teeth. Angie Lang, 42, from Sydney, said that while good oral health is down to