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October 26, 2020 News DentistryNews

Claiming Car and Home Office Expenses in the COVID-19 Era

by David Chong Yen*, CPA, CA, CFP, Louise Wong*, CPA, CA, TEP, Basil Nicastri*, CPA, CA and Eugene Chu, CPA, CA

In the past, our clients have frequently enquired about claiming tax deductions for car expenses and home office expenses. Let’s review how the COVID-19 pandemic may affect these potential tax deductions for you. If you are not yet incorporated (i.e.

July 3, 2020 News News

COVID-19 Offers Tax Savings Opportunities

by DCY Professional Corporation Chartered Professional Accountants

UTILIZE TAX LOSSES Tax losses generally fall into two categories: non-capital losses and capital losses. Non-capital losses arise from normal business operations (i.e. where deductible dental practice expenses exceed dental revenues). Capital losses arise when you sell assets such as

April 3, 2020 Feature Oral Health OfficePractice Management

Dentists’ Tax Saving Tips & Strategies

by David Chong Yen, CPA, CA, CFP, Louise Wong, CPA, CA, TEP, Basil Nicastri, CPA, CA and Eugene Chu, CPA, CA

1. Sharing is Caring/Saving Use family members in the tax savings game. Many dentists have a dentistry professional corporation (DPC). DPC’s if structured appropriately facilitate “sharing of income”. Family members may be eligible to receive dividends provided they work 20

November 28, 2019 Feature Oral Health OfficePractice management

Year-End Tax Tips To Avoid Tax Headaches In The New Year

by David Chong Yen, CPA, CA, CFP, Louise Wong, CPA, CA, TEP and Eugene Chu, CPA, CA

It’s that time of year to get in some late minute tax planning before it’s too late. Here are our ten tips for a tax-friendly holiday: 1. Pay yourself If your professional corporation’s (PC) or other income is expected to

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October 31, 2019 Feature Dental FAQDental StudentsFinancesNew dentistsNew gradsOral Health

5 Burning Questions For Dental Students & Associates

by Melanie Langevin, CPA, CMA

Dental students and associates are a busy bunch. With long hours and a hectic schedule, figuring out your tax filings can slip down your priority list. This group typically asks about five topics: deductions against your income, moving expenses, impact

July 29, 2019 News News

Former Cambridge Dental Business President Fined $230,000 For Tax Evasion

by The Record

The president of a Cambridge dental supply business took over $400,000 from the company to pay for maid services, landscaping and cottage renovations, a court heard Monday. Robert Bolton charged personal expenses to company expense accounts, took cash from the

March 31, 2019 Feature FinancesOral Health OfficePractice management

April Tax Woes and the Path Forward

by Nick Korhonen, MNP

April is here – and so is tax time. It’s when we’re all reminded of our civic duty to contribute to society through taxes, which often leaves our wallets feeling a little lighter as we pass the April 30 tax

July 25, 2017 News DentistryGovernment regulationsNews

Dentists in the Crosshairs of New Liberal Tax Announcements

by DCY

The federal government has sent another warning shot to dentists and other professionals who have been using private corporations (PC) such as professional corporations/ hygiene service corporations /technical service corporations and holding corporations as a tax savings vehicle. Below are