1 out of 5 Texans Has Not Seen a Dentist in 5 Years or More

Many Texans would agree that healthy teeth and gums are important, however a Guardian survey shows Texans aren’t backing it up with regular visits to the dentist. In fact, 1 out of 5 Texans admit they haven’t seen a dentist in 5 years or more. 57% have seen a dentist in the last year, with only 39% of those having done so in the last 6 months. The American Dental Association recommends that both adults and children visit a dentist twice a year to maintain good dental health1.

“The research is there — regular dental visits can help detect serious medical conditions and help avoid dental diseases like periodontal disease and tooth decay,” said Dr. Randi Tillman, Chief Dental Officer, at Guardian. “What’s disconcerting is that Texans — across AustinDallasHouston and San Antonio – are putting off going to the dentist, which can lead to more severe oral health issues in the long run and impact their overall health and well-being.”

The survey results show that Texans who did put off dental visits either lost a tooth, required an extraction or paid a bigger dental bill due to a more expensive procedure. When asked why they put off a procedure, more than half cite cost as the main factor. However, when Texans were asked what causes more financial stress – unexpected dental procedures or paying taxes – 64 percent say paying for an unexpected dental procedure would be more stressful.

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