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200 Days, 100 Countries: Primescan Users Experience Digital Impressions In A Completely New Way

September 17, 2019
by Dentsply Sirona

Dentply Sirona Primescan

Fig. 1: Digital impressions made with Primescan: simple, fast and very accurate

It is standard practice to review feedback after a product has first been launched: Primescan, Dentsply Sirona’s new intraoral scanner, was introduced about 200 days ago. It provides dentists in more than 100 countries with a completely new experience of taking digital impressions. The feedback after the first months in practice shows that Primescan was able to meet and even exceed the high expectations of demanding users.

With Primescan, Dentsply Sirona presented the latest generation of intraoral scanners at the beginning of February in Frankfurt/Main (Germany): It enables users to take a digital impression with very high accuracy. This has been substantiated by a study at the University of Zurich [1]. Since the launch of this new intraoral scanner users in more than 100 countries have been using Primescan in their practices and reporting on their experiences.

For dentist Dr. Carlos Repullo from Sevilla, Spain, the perfect end result for the patient has top priority. For several years now, he has relied on the support of digital procedures such as CAD/CAM. From his point of view, the technology of intraoral scanners has developed enormously – this is especially true for Primescan. “The accuracy of the scan is remarkable. This also applies to the whole jaw scan, which can be taken in a very short time. This is exactly the quality that we need in practices. The handling must be simple, fast and safe, the function must be stable. The new intraoral scanner offers all this. Primescan does have a small ‘disadvantage’: “If the restoration does not fit now, I can no longer blame the technology.”

Primescan meets very high quality standards
For quite some time, Dr. Mike Skramstad, dentist from Orono, Minnesota (USA), has been observing the development of intraoral scanners in the dental market. For a long time, no system was able to fully meet his high requirements in terms of accuracy, user-friendliness, speed, integration capability and possible applications. He also took a close look at Primescan in his practice. 200 days after the new intraoral scanner’s launch, he is now more than satisfied: “With the introduction of Dentsply Sirona’s Primescan, things have changed considerably. Scanning is very easy and more accurate than with the CEREC Omnicam. What impresses me most about Primescan is the outstanding software performance, which has been further enhanced by artificial intelligence. I’m excited about the many dental applications that allow me to work with Primescan.” Dr. Verena Freier, a dentist from Bad-Soden in Germany, sees an improvement in the accuracy of Primescan, especially for whole jaw scans. ” With the new intraoral scanner Primescan, which also works with CEREC, I am bringing the treatment of my patients to a very high level. If the results were really good before, for me they are now even better. And everything is easy and relaxed – I don’t really want to put the scanner out of my hand anymore. I particularly like the operation via a touch surface. Since patient satisfaction is very important to me, I am especially pleased that patients ask specifically for this impression method and talk about it once they have experienced it themselves.”

Primescan improves workflow with dental laboratories
In addition to accurate and fast digital impression taking, another advantage of Primescan is that it is designed for different digital workflows – in practice with CEREC as well as in collaboration with the dental laboratory or other partners. Using the new Connect software, a digital 3D model can be transferred directly to the laboratory of choice for further processing. Frankie Acosta, a dental technician from Murrieta, California (USA), is particularly pleased with the optimized processes and the high quality of the impression. “As a dental laboratory that has been working with digital impressions for around ten years, we are delighted that it is now even easier for dentists to take impressions with an intraoral scanner. The accuracy with which Primescan works convinces us in our daily work. This also enables us to deliver work at a high level. The automatic download from the Inbox of the Connect Case Center is a real time saver”.

“With Primescan, we are providing our customers with a technology that decisively improves digital impression taking in many points,” says Dr. Alexander Völcker, Group Vice President CAD/CAM and Orthodontics at Dentsply Sirona. “With a completely new technology, the high-frequency contrast analysis, Primescan enables our customers to achieve very high accuracy in every digital impression. This offers possibilities for using it in many indications. The positive feedback from users all over the world encourages us to drive the development in this area.”

Unless stated otherwise, all statements in this press release refer to a comparison of Dentsply Sirona products.

[1] Ender et al, Accuracy of complete- and partial-arch impressions of actual intraoral scanning systems in-vitro, Int J Comput Dent 2019; 22(1); 11-19

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