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2C MEDTECH Launches CASPR Compact Medik and HVAC Solutions to Reduce Airborne and Surface Pathogens by up to 99.96%

July 28, 2020
by 2C MedTech

CASPR Medik Technology Has Been Proven in Hospitals to Provide Continuous, Safe Disinfection in Occupied Space

2C MedTech, a healthcare product developer and distributor specializing in commercializing real innovations with true impact, is partnering with CASPR™ Group to introduce CASPR’s next generation disinfection technology to dental offices across the globe.

Previously only available to hospitals as an in-duct HVAC product, CASPR Medik™ is now available to dental offices as an HVAC solution as well as a new portable unit called CASPR Compact Medik.

CASPR, which stands for Continuous Air and Surface Pathogen Reduction was originally developed for hospitals, to reduce the risk of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs). Given the heightened awareness of the risk to dental professionals from Aerosol Generating Procedures, CASPR chose to make the CASPR Medik products available to dental offices.

At the heart of the CASPR system is its Medik disinfection technology, which reacts with the H2O molecules found in the air to continuously create highly effective oxidizing molecules such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

These molecules are delivered at safe levels to reduce clinically relevant pathogens, including viruses. CASPR is safe for use in occupied space and does not interrupt patient care.

“CASPR Medik is a great option for dental offices concerned with reducing pathogens in the office that can be spread through aerosol generating procedures,” says 2C MedTech CEO, Lea Ellermeier.

According to practicing dentist and CDC consultant Dr. Margaret Scarlett, “When it comes to controlling pathogens associated with dental aerosols, CASPR Medik technology can be a highly-effective first line of defense.”

The main benefits of CASPR Medik technology include the following:

  • Up to 99.96% kill rate of bacteria, viruses, and molds on surfaces
  • Provides continuous air and surface protection
  • Safe for use in occupied spaces like waiting rooms and operatories
  • Proven to be highly effective against pathogens, odors, and VOCs

The mobile version of the technology, CASPR Compact, is small, portable, and easy to deploy where needed in dental offices of all sizes.  Each unit can cover an area up to 1,500 square feet and has a list price of $2,473.00 (CAD). CASPR in-duct units are priced according to the square footage of the area where they are deployed. Both versions of CAPR Medik can be ordered at www.2cmedtech.com.

For more details on the science behind the CASPR and how it compares to other infection control technologies, download the free whitepaper “The Role of Air Disinfection in Mitigating the Risks of Aerosol Generating Procedures” by clicking here.

About 2C MedTech:

With U.S. headquarters in Dallas, Texas, 2C MedTech is a wholly owned subsidiary of 2C Dental AG. The Company also operates under the name 2C Dental Technologies Inc. The Company is led by a team of experienced medical device entrepreneurs, inventors and clinicians who have launched disruptive technology products in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

In 2020, 2C MedTech became the CASPR Group’s representative to the dental market, bringing Continuous Air and Surface Pathogen Reduction to dental practices throughout the United States. In 2019 the company developed the 2CLEAR™ System for Aesthetic Orthodontics, a new hybrid approach that combines the world’s thinnest, most aesthetic orthodontic bracket that doubles as an aligner attachment during aligner therapy. For more information, visit www.2CMedTech.com.