3M, Dentsply and Kerr Lead Dental Market as Market Continues to Grow

According to a new series of reports on the U.S. market for dental materials by iData Research (www.idataresearch.com), the market is projected to experience modest growth over the next several years, largely limited by the emergence of intraoral scanners. As digital impression scanners are becoming more popular and affordable, the need for dental impression and temporary restorative materials is dwindling. As a result, this trend will put short term pressure on both the prices and unit sales. However, the market has great potential for future growth and room for additional competitors, provided they serve a niche pocket of dentists with specialty products. The market displays high levels of investment in research and development for better, easy-to-use products in every segment, keeping dentists’ demand alive even in the face of rising prices.

“One major trend within the dental materials market is the continual improvement of delivery systems, which are tailored towards reducing material waste,” explains Dr. Kamran Zamanian, CEO of iData. “Investors should especially pay attention to composites, anesthetics and cements as the largest drivers of growth, whereas impression and temporary restorative materials will be in the process of decline over the foreseeable future.”

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