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A Dental Office is Offering Pain-Free Dentistry in Vancouver

January 29, 2020
by CTV News

Nine-year-old Markus Uy and 12-year-old Nicole Kot were anxiously waiting to have cavities filled at Tam Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry in Vancouver.  It wasn’t their first time there but it was the first time they were going to have dental work without numbing.

They both recalled the last time they had cavities filled, involving needles and drilling.

“It was really painful,” Markus said.

“You can feel your tooth going like ‘zzzzz’ and it doesn’t feel really good,” added Nicole.

“Our purpose is to basically alleviate that,” said Isaac Tam, orthodontist and pediatric dentist.

He invited CTV News to his dental clinic to demonstrate a new tool he’s added to his practice.  It’s a high tech carbon dioxide laser by Solea.

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