ADA Accelerator Series Seeks to Speed Up Dentists’ Success

The Association is launching in March a new online, on-demand program specifically designed to provide information — from parental leave to financial support — that is tailored to the early-career dentist’s unique work-life balance needs.

Aptly called the ADA Accelerator Series, the program’s goal is simple: position dentists for a faster road to success, said Dr. Susan Becker Doroshow, 8th District trustee and member of the Board’s Standing Committee on Diversity and Inclusion.

“Early-career dentists have so much on their plates,” Dr. Doroshow said. “It must seem impossible to deal with the challenges of clinical practice, juggle their responsibilities at the office and on the home front, maintain their fitness and personal wellness goals, manage their student debt — and have enough energy in reserve to simply enjoy life.”

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