ADA Guidelines Indicate Sealants Are Beneficial Way To Fight Caries in Children

A systematic review and the updated clinical practice guidelines it helped generate published in the August edition of The Journal of the American Dental Association give a clear indication to dental professionals as to the marked benefit of the use of sealants in preventing and managing occlusal caries in children and adolescents, said the article’s lead author, Dr. John Timothy Wright.

“The guidelines show that sealants are more effective in managing pit and fissure caries than fluoride treatments, such as varnish,” said Dr. Wright, a professor and the director of strategic initiative in the department of pediatric dentistry at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry. “They also show that benefits are obtained by the variety of materials currently marketed in the United States for sealant use (e.g. resin based materials, glass ionomer materials, polyacid-modified resin, and resin-modified glass ionomers).”

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