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Admira Fusion x-tra: Single-Shade Omni-Chromatic Nano-ORMOCER Restorative

March 13, 2020

VOCO introduces Admira Fusion x-tra, the world’s first Single-Shade Omni-Chromatic Nano-ORMOCER restorative material, plus x-tra. Due to its unique composition, Admira Fusion x-tra can match the shade of the surrounding tooth structure, improving the speed and simplicity of the restorative procedure while reducing the amount of inventory practices must keep on hand.

60% of the particulate that makes up Admira Fusion x-tra is between 20-40 nanometers in diameter, smaller than the visible wavelengths of light (400-700nm). As a result, Admira Fusion x-tra’s nano-particulate neither diffracts or refracts light. Instead, it allows the light to simply pass through uninterrupted and bounce off the surrounding tooth structure, causing the restoration to take on the shading and color of its surroundings, much like a chameleon blending into its environment.

The “x-tra” in Admira Fusion x-tra refers to enhanced physical properties such as an extremely low shrinkage rate of 1.25% by volume, and a shrinkage stress up to 50% lower than other brands. Admira Fusion x-tra’s extremely low water solubility of less than 0.1 μg / mm3 means that restorations keep their luster, shine and shade for longer. 100% BPA Free, containing none of today’s classic monomers (BisGMA, TEGDMA, UDMA, etc), Admira Fusion x-tra is highly biocompatible.

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