After Searching For Months, Bariatric Patient Finds Pain Relief At Eastman Dental

He had a feeling it was an abscess.  It felt exactly like the time before.  The constant sharp pain that got worse when he laid down or chewed his food. He also knew if left untreated, an abscessed tooth could turn into a serious, life-threatening condition.

But Michael Pedroncelli could not find a dentist to help him. Due to serious injuries from a car accident last year, Michael has been unable to work and had to go on Medicaid insurance. After he learned that his dentist didn’t accept Medicaid, the office called other area dentists to see if they could help Michael, who also started searching.

“When I called around, I was up front with them,” explained Michael, who lives in Boonville, NY, about an hour’s drive north of Utica. “I’m a big guy, and I was turned down a lot because of that.”

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