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Alternative to Flossing, Innovative ToothShower to Launch on Kickstarter Oct. 17

October 10, 2017
by Jill Cecchini

ToothShower uses the water from the shower while cleaning 100 percent of teeth, as compared to 60 percent with average brushing.

Last year, the Associated Press published an article detailing their findings on research into the benefits of flossing. After looking at the most rigorous research conducted over the past decade, focusing on 25 studies that generally compared the use of a toothbrush with the combination of toothbrushes and floss, the AP found the evidence for flossing is “weak, very unreliable,” of “very low” quality, and carries “a moderate to large potential for bias.” But researchers and dentists know that finding an easy but effective method for oral health is necessary for the health of gums and teeth.

Research from the Center for Disease Control shows that one out of every two American adults aged 30 and over has periodontal disease, which is chronic inflammatory disease that affects the gum tissue and bone supporting the teeth. If this is left untreated, periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss. Research has also shown that periodontal disease is associated with other chronic inflammatory diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

“I know my patients challenges all too well, having been a dental hygienist for more than 25 years,” says Lisa Guenst, inventor of ToothShower. “Patients often complain that flossing is a struggle and not something they do often. Others who have tired water flossing find it too cumbersome because it makes a mess, requires constant water refills, and takes up too much space on the counter. I know there had to be an easier but more effective method of care.”

To address the need for better oral health care while minimizing the negatives of other methods, Guenst created ToothShower, which is a new innovative complete oral care solution for the shower. ToothShower offers three kinds of cleaning in one care solution. Along with a base that attaches to the shower wall there are three different attachments for optimum oral care including a dual-headed toothbrush, an irrigating tip, and a gum massager. Best of all, it works right in the shower so there is no mess. Water from the shower keeps ToothShower filled so there is no refilling, batteries to replace, and it doesn’t take up counter space.

Guenst has already won awards for her new business plan for the product. She was the Grand Prize Winner in the West Chester University Business Idea Pitch 2017 and first place winner in the Temple University, Fox School of Business, Business Plan Competition 2017. Now Guenst is set to release ToothShower for presales on KickStarter on Oct. 17. The KickStarter campaign will offer significant discounts and those interested are encouraged to order early.

Those interested in ToothShower can learn more and follow the company on Facebook.

About ToothShower
ToothShower is a complete oral home care suite for the shower. The company was founded and the device invented by Lisa Guenst. Guenst has been working as a dental hygienist for more than 25 years, having received her degree from the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University. To learn more and be notified of the Kickstarter campaign, visit www.toothshower.com.