Are You Ready for an Intraoral Scanner?

No impression material used. No sitting around waiting for the PVS to dry. No patient-gagging or messy operatory. No impressions being shipped, touched, or stored. Autoclavable scanner tips, reduced infection risk, fast and comfortable… are you ready for an intraoral scanner?

There was a time when scanner accuracy and functionality were excuses to not buy in an intraoral scanner. Those days are over. Prosthodontist, Dr. Vincent Prestipino says that, “the curtain that doctors have been hiding behind: the one that says digital is no good or the quality isn’t there, no longer exists.”

According to numerous published studies, intraoral scanners are just as, or even more accurate than analog impressions. Their functionality and workflow advantages, in terms of ease and efficiency, are well documented too.

In fact, when you eliminate analog impressions from your workflow, you remove what most labs will tell you is their biggest source of error – a conventional impression.

How to choose one brand of intraoral scanner over the other

3Shape spoke with doctors on what was their main criteria for choosing a scanner brand. The majority said that regardless of the scanner brand, it needed to enable them to continue providing quality treatment.

While doctors recognize the time efficiency and cost-saving-benefits of digital impressions, quality treatment was still most essential.

When evaluating scanner brands and the treatment quality they deliver, clinical case studies provide a good resource. Because they document “before and after” results.

 In many of the case studies that doctors share with 3Shape, they end their case with a summary of how digital tools used in the treatment benefited the case. A majority state that using a 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner not only kickstarts great treatment results, but in many cases, lead to a significantly improved quality and predictability of the treatment when they compare it to a conventional workflow.

Australian practitioner and 3Shape TRIOS and software user, Dr. Anthony Mak stated in a published clinical case study that his treatment “illustrated how advances in digital technologies can provide clinicians with the tools for diagnosis, treatment planning, the execution and provision of dental restorative procedures in a truly transformative way.”

Similarly, 3Shape TRIOS and software user, Dr. Jonathan L. Ferencz says that digital dental techniques like intraoral scanning, digital diagnostic wax-ups, and CAD/CAM milling have changed the way dentists provide quality treatment. With Dr. Ferencz stating emphatically, “the difference digital dentistry has made to making a crown is tremendous. But the difference it has made in implant dentistry is night and day!”

From a lab’s point of view, renowned lecturer, CDT, and 3Shape user, Lee Culp, adds that because of digital workflows, “missed margins, contacts, and occlusions have become a rarity and that his internal and external remakes have truly gone down.” Saying that digital dentistry is “not just different, It’s definitely better.”

So how do you choose an intraoral scanner brand?

US doctor and 3Shape TRIOS and software user, Dr. John Heimke says that you first need to evaluate your IT infrastructure and what your scanner needs are. And importantly, speak with your lab.

Heimke says, “My practice is very fortunate because our laboratory really loves digital impressions because of the efficiency they enable. They make our workflow so much faster. We use Oral Design Laboratory, Pinhas Adar out of Atlanta, and Peter Kouvaris in Manhattan. So even though I am based in Ohio, they receive my cases in a matter of minutes, instead of days. The preciseness of the results, the digital models are amazing. Our work is better than ever before. Analog is always going to be there, but with digital, you’re more efficient, much more precise, and with your human touch, you make smiles come alive.”

Why 3Shape TRIOS?

When you are considering an intraoral scanner, remember that 3Shape offers you choices. The three 3Shape TRIOS configurations are available at different price points to enable you to go digital at your own pace.

So, whether you are new to digital dentistry and looking for a solution to get started, or a fully digital dentist thinking about your next step, 3Shape TRIOS gives you opportunities.

Every year, the Cellerant panel presents its technology awards. Made up of prominent technology leaders in dentistry, the Cellerant panel has chosen the 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner its category winner for an unprecedented eight years in a row.

TRIOS intraoral scanner features like ease of use, speed and accuracy, wireless functionality, the software, and an unrivaled open and integrated ecosystem of treatment solutions, mills and printers have made 3Shape TRIOS the choice of dental professionals.