Art Work for Dental Work: This Vancouver Dentist Has Traded His Services for 25 Years

Curator Patrik Andersson is days away from opening a new exhibition at Griffin Art Projects in North Vancouver. The show will ultimately gather at least 100 works, with most representing a who’s who of the established local art scene. They’re all very different artists, making very different types of work, he notes. “But they all go to the same dentist.”

That dentist would be Dr. Zenon Trylowsky. A long-time friend of Andersson’s, he’s run a practice since 1996, operating out of the Vancouver Block on Granville Street. “It’s an iconic building, but if people knew what was going on inside…” Andersson muses, trailing off. Because for as long as Trylowsky’s been practicing dentistry — longer, really — he’s also been cultivating an art collection. And though he certainly acquires things through traditional means, he accrued much of the collection by trading with his patients: offering dental work in exchange for art work.

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