As Desire For Cosmetic Dentistry Is Rising, Patients Put More Value On Finding Dentists Who Offer These Services

About 80 per cent of people believe having a beautiful smile is a social asset, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Beyond this, healthy teeth are not only indications of proper overall health, but they play a role in maintaining that in various ways. Recent years have seen a higher demand for treatments such as porcelain veenersteeth whitening or dental implants. A consumer survey wanted to look at what this means for both patients and dental clinics.

Priorities when it comes to choosing a clinic

It is often difficult and overwhelming to find the most appropriate clinic that can be trusted with performing cosmetic dentistry. While the most popular treatments are not highly invasive or risky, there are a boxes that need to be ticked. According to a consumer report, patients value aspects such as sterility and hygiene of clinic (90 per cent), trust in dentist professional (89 per cent), good customer service (87 per cent), value for money (81 per cent) or offering dental cosmetic treatments (38 per cent).

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