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At-Home Oral Health Practices Remain Strong, According to Survey

October 26, 2021
by Delta Dental Plans Association

A key factor in achieving optimal oral health is ensuring that teeth and mouths are being cared for regularly. This National Dental Hygiene Month, Delta Dental highlights findings from a recent study showing that adults and children across America continue to practice proper oral health habits at home. The study found that, on average, children and adults:

  • Brushed their teeth twice per day
  • Flossed their teeth once per day
  • Used mouthwash once per day

“At-home oral hygiene habits play a key role in maintaining good oral health, and it is encouraging to see respondents are committed to brushing, flossing, and using mouth wash regularly,” said Joseph Dill, DDS, MBA, Vice President of Dental Science, Delta Dental Plans Association.

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