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Baby Tooth Album Launches New ‘Eli the Firefly’ Product to Teach Kids Importance of Dental Health

August 9, 2016
by Krysten McCumber

eli the fireflyFor some parents, getting their children to brush their teeth is a daily struggle. Getting active children to stand still while focusing on two minutes of teeth brushing can seem like an eternity. That’s why mom and dad duo, Lala and Robert Sarkissian (a dentist), came up with a unique way to get kids excited about brushing their teeth and make the daily chore a little more fun. The Sarkissians are the founders of Baby Tooth Album, the brand behind the world’s only patented Baby Tooth Organizer that fits in photo albums and scrapbooks. Their line of keepsake products are dedicated to providing parents a way to save, organize and cherish their children’s baby teeth and give baby teeth a home in family memories.

For the first time ever, oral hygiene and the classic tooth fairy story are combined into one with brand new Eli the Firefly – a plush toy and illustrated storybook set that kids and parents will love!

The whimsically rhyming storybook, written by the Sarkissian children, ages 16 and 14, and beautifully illustrated by Fred Sherman, answers the age-old questions of where the tooth fairy keeps all of those baby teeth and why she needs them in the first place!  One day when there weren’t enough clean, white teeth in tooth fairyland, Eli the Firefly, the hero of the story, comes to the rescue with a brilliant idea when there aren’t enough sparkling teeth in tooth fairy land.

As an adorable plush toy, Eli comes to life to motivate kids all around the world to help the tooth fairy, by taking great care of their teeth.  Eli’s tail will glow on and off for a full two minutes to keep count as kids brush and on that special night, when there is a clean, bright baby tooth under the pillow, his glowing tail will serve as a beacon for the tooth fairy. Now kids can be motivated and taught good dental hygiene well before losing their first tooth! And when that wiggly tooth comes out, Eli’s tail lights up and serves as a beacon of light to let the tooth fairy know there is a sparkling clean tooth to collect.

This storybook and plush toy set provide a fun and inspiring way to motivate children to brush properly, all the while saving tooth fairyland. For parents, this product gives them an opportunity to celebrate their child’s toothless smile with a fresh and relevant storybook and plush toy, and get some much needed help in motivating their children to have better brushing habits.

Benefits of Eli the Firefly:

  • Makes teeth brushing fun!
  • Teaches children the importance of dental hygiene
  • Encourages children to brush properly for 2 minutes in a fun way
  • Plush toy with educational benefits
  • Continues the Tooth Fairy tradition

Baby Tooth Album

Robert Sarkissian, a dentist, and his wife Lala got the idea to start the company after they wanted a way to commemorate their daughter’s first baby tooth. They designed a baby tooth organizer and memory book that became Baby Tooth Album. Now the brand has expanded to sell scrapbooks, tooth fairy kits, and more to celebrate these milestones in every child’s life.

For more information on Baby Tooth Album and to browse the collection, visit  www.babytoothalbum.com!

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