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Bifluorid 10: Double Fluoride Liquid Varnish for the Treatment of Dentinal Hypersensitivity

November 24, 2020
by VOCO America, Inc.

VOCO is proud to announce the release of Bifluorid 10 to the Canadian market, a unique double fluoride liquid varnish that contains 5% sodium fluoride and 5% calcium fluoride. It is indicated for the prevention of hypersensitivity, including sensitivity caused by professional teeth whitening, exposed cervical areas and crown margins, after professional cleanings, after enamel injury and more.

Specially formulated, Bifluorid 10‘s synthetic resin allows for its application both before and after bleaching to provide desensitization without interfering with the bleaching results. The powerful combination of 5% sodium fluoride and 5% calcium fluoride provides both a fast, high release of fluoride for immediate relief as well as a slow release for superior, long-term results. Bifluorid 10 can also be used with patients who are allergic to colophony-based varnishes.

It is available in economical 10ml bottles for full mouth treatments or in SingleDose blister packs for a more target treatment.

Bifluorid 10 is replacing its well-established predecessor, Bifluorid 5.

For more information, visit vocoamerica.com.


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