Bite-Mark Analysis Has Been Shown To Be Flawed Science

“Tell me what happened, don’t leave anything out.”

The crime boss wanted Bradley Streiling to tell him everything about the death of two-year-old Noah Cownden, Streiling’s stepson.

Streiling began, haltingly, to recount how Noah had slipped from the bathtub at his family’s Victoria, B.C., home five years earlier.

Then, as a hidden microphone recorded, Streiling’s confession:

Filled with rage, he gave the boy a push. “I held him basically by the upper neck, lower jaw…and just hit him down a couple times.” The boy’s “eyes glossed over, and he…kind of made a wheezing sound and never woke up again.”

The crime boss was actually an undercover Mountie who had just reached the culmination of a nearly five-month-long sting. Police believed that Streiling, 29, had bashed Noah’s head against the floor, causing the little boy’s brain to bleed and swell so much that oxygen couldn’t reach it.

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