How You Can Simplify Your CE Journey

When it come to CE certification you’re in good company if one of the following sounds familiar.

“Oh no, I suddenly realized I have just have 4 months left to get my CE certification!”

“I’m so busy.  Where will I get my CE? How expensive will it be? “

“OK, I’m panicking, I need my CE certification, where can I get it now?”

“My schedule is so complicated, I have to find something flexible.”

What do you do when you need your continuing education ASAP?  Take a tip from Kathleen Bokrossy, President of RDHU, and sign up for COMPASS. A convenient, professional development program for CE certification, COMPASS has just been launched by Crest + Oral-B. Endorsed by RDHU, you can use COMPASS to successfully navigate your CE requirements on your schedule, in the comfort of your home.

Crest® & Oral-B® team up with RDHU
Crest® & Oral-B® have developed the new Dental Hygienist Proud COMPASS Professional Development Program in partnership with RDHU.  COMPASS’s mission has been simple from the start.  To come together to provide free, innovative, advanced CE learning that will empower you to be the best hygienist you can be.

How COMPASS helps you meet your goals
COMPASS is an all-in-one guide designed specifically to help you meet your continuing education requirements. One of the key components of the COMPASS Program is simplicity.  It’s easy to sign up.  Easy to use.  Best of all, it’s easy to incorporate in your practice.

Here’s what Kathleen Bokrossy, RHD, and President of RDHU has to say about COMPASS:

“COMPASS provides you with the tools you need to reach your goals and gives you access to try the technology you’re learning about first-hand so you can make your recommendations with confidence!”

How COMPASS helps you successfully navigate your CE requirements
COMPASS was created to provide an innovative, professional development program to help you meet your CE requirements. Being a COMPASS member means you have convenience of over 12 hours of continuing education right at your fingertips!

Developed in collaboration with RDHU, Crest® & Oral-B®, the COMPASS CE Certification Program will:

  • Help you define your continuing education goals

You can use COMPASS to set your CE goals, research shows that setting a specific goal(s) is important, as a defined goal is much more likely to be accomplished than a general one

  • Provide you with up-to-date study materials

Having access to clinical materials helps you meet your goals and empowers you to counsel patients

  • Outline steps to implement your new knowledge

COMPASS will show you how to improve your client care through in-class learning and on-line webinars

  • Gives you access for you and your clients to try new products

COMPASS gives you a priority pass to the latest products, outlines their technologies and allows you a first-hand opportunity to try them so you can recommend them with confidence

When can I sign up?
You can sign up now!  Sign up alone or as a group.  COMPASS wants all hygienists to experience just how simple it can be to get their CE requirements.  Once you’re a COMPASS member, you’re part of the Hygienist Proud Community. Join COMPASS today and become a proud member of the oral health team that’s dedicated to achieving the best possible oral care outcomes for all clients.

When registering online, remember to opt-in to marketing emails to stay up-to-date on product announcements, new clinical information and complimentary samples!

To register, visit and order your FREE COMPASS Professional Development Folder and BONUS New Formula Crest® Pro-Health Clean Mint Sample (70 mL). Once registered, you’ll receive additional CE credit updates to the COMPASS program, ongoing new product information and exclusive professional offers!

Let COMPASS show you the way to CE Success!