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Canadian Dentists Push for Clarity About Vaccine Priority: ‘We’re Doctors Too’

January 25, 2021
by Global News

Dr. Natalie Archer knows that getting herself and her employees vaccinated against COVID-19 won’t solve everything.

But as a dentist who serves more than 7,000 clients across three clinics in Toronto, Archer knows how important it is to do so, and soon.

“Medical appointments are considered essential. To me, that stresses how important it is to prioritize people in medical settings for vaccination… because those are the places we need to keep safest,” she said.

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1 Comment » for Canadian Dentists Push for Clarity About Vaccine Priority: ‘We’re Doctors Too’
  1. Alan Neil Ennis says:

    Well Ontario recognizes that dentists should be a priority, but with no Covid 19 vaccines available it’s a moot point. Add to this the failure of the community clinic on Front Street closing due to shortages and the complete failure of the web site for suppossed candidates to log into and we all have to wonder is the government actually in a position to administer vaccinations. If there is any chance for success there must be careful consideration to logistics. Taking into account human nature to jump the line. I for one think we’ll be lucky to be vaccinated by the fall.

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