The Canary System Found to Regenerate Early Areas of Tooth Decay

The Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry has published a study entitled “Remineralization of Natural Early Caries Lesion in vitro by P11‐4 Monitored with Photothermal Radiometry and Luminescence”. This paper concluded that Credentis’ new product CURODONT Repair based on the Curolox Technology (P11‐4) can regenerate early areas of tooth decay and these changes can be monitored with The Canary System and Canary Lab. This study demonstrates a non‐invasive clinical solution for the detection, treatment and monitoring of tooth decay.

Tooth decay or caries is an ongoing disease process involving the breakdown of the tooth’s crystal structure. Up until now, oral health professionals have been using fluoride based products to stop progression. Credentis has developed a unique solution, the Curolox Technology, which forms a 3D Matrix within these early areas of decay. This biomimetic scaffold facilitates de novo crystal growth in these areas of decay and enables Guided Enamel Regeneration of the lost tooth structure. CURODONT Repair (Credentis AG, Windisch, Switzerland) containing the Curolox Technology is now available for clinical use in Europe. “The results of the study once more confirm the positive clinical trials investigating Curodont Repair. Using the Canary System as an easy caries diagnostic facilitates the integration of Curodont Repair in daily practice.” says Dominik Lysek, founder and CEO of credentis.

The other challenge is how to detect and monitor these early areas of tooth decay. Quantum Dental Technologies’ Canary System is able to detect and monitor early subtle changes in the crystal structure of the tooth. Research has shown it is more accurate than x‐rays and other devices on market for detecting tooth decay on all tooth surfaces, around the edge of fillings and beneath sealants. In this study, both The Canary System and The Canary Lab were used to detect tooth decay and then monitor the changes and growth of new tooth structure after the teeth were treated with P11‐4.

“The Canary System provides dentists with the ability to detect tooth decay very early in the disease process and monitor the effects of various therapeutic agents”, said Dr. Stephen Abrams, co‐founder of Quantum Dental Technologies. “Early detection of tooth decay, before it is seen on an x‐ray or with other caries detection devices means that dentists can treat problems before the decay has destroyed large amounts of tooth structure and patients require fillings”.

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