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CDSS Alert – COVID-19 Pandemic: IPC Interim Protocol Update

April 29, 2020
by The College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan

All CDSS members are required to review this CDSS Alert as CDSS members transition to Non-Emergency Dental Care

Some oral health care facilities may choose to remain closed due to shortage of PPE or recent facility requirement changes. However, all CDSS members are required to maintain contact information for patient dental emergencies.

Rationale for providing this interim protocol update:

  • As COVID-19 community spread continues and the knowledge that COVID-19 infected asymptomatic individuals could be spreading the COVID-19 virus to others in the population, the Ministry of Health and CDSS feel it is prudent to phase the return back to practice.
  • Dental profession community support for the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan.

CDSS Objective: Safe Transition to Non-Emergency Dental Care in Saskatchewan in coordination with the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan

  • Safety for patients, families and communities.
  • Safety for dental providers, staff and their families.

CDSS members must:

  • Update their IPC facility manual for this COVID-19 Pandemic and organize staff orientation and training sessions for all clinical and non-clinical staff.
  • Make sure to have adequate PPE and facility requirements for the types of procedures being provided in the facility.
  • Continue to take measures as outlined by the Chief Medical Health Officer (CMHO) to promote physical distancing where possible, and where not, use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Continue to operate under all current CDSS Standards, Bylaws and CDSS Alerts relating to this COVID-19 pandemic.

To view the entire update, please click here: CDSS  IPC  Interim  Protocol  Update

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