Dental Board Disciplines Dentist For Unnecessary Work On 3-Year-Old

The Connecticut State Dental Commission voted 7-2 Wednesday to discipline a Terryville dentist who faced allegations he did unnecessary work on a 3-year-old girl when he installed eight steel crowns on her teeth in a single session.

Ammar Idlibi was fined $10,000, placed on probation for three years, and required to take courses in ethics, record-keeping and consent, among other sanctions. The sanctions were recommended by the state Department of Public Health.

“This is a clear case of overtreatment,” said Martin Ungar, a commissioner and West Hartford dentist. “This is gross overtreatment of a patient — and worse of all, it’s a minor.”

The Department of Public Health has investigated Idlibi since 2016, when the 3-year-old’s mother told the department she’d gone into the procedure expecting her daughter to receive one crown. The girl came out with eight.

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